Win the Camera That Shot The X Factor

Here’s your chance to win the camera that shot The X Factor and pick-up a few of my best portrait photography tips in the process. Sony is giving away a Sony NEX-5N – the same camera that I used to shoot the finalists when I appeared on The X Factor. Thanks to lovely Sukhjit Ghag for this fab interview on the Sony Blog.

Read Sony’s Interview with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Brian Smith.

Miami portrait photographers Brian Smith featured on Sony Blog

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8 thoughts on “Win the Camera That Shot The X Factor”

  1. I guess I didn’t read the rules correctly about this contest. Still not sure if I’m getting these contest rules correct. Oh well.

    One tip: Fair-skinned people with blue (or light-colored ) eyes tend to be very sensitive to the sun or to any bright light source. Always shoot them in the shade when outdoors. When indoors try to bounce the light off the ceiling, etc. If you don’t, they tear up a lot and makes for bad photos and makes them uncomfortable too boot.

  2. My “helpful tip” is to get creative with the lighting. Create drama in your images which help you stand out from the rest, and gives your clients images that will wow them.

  3. …dress for the situation that you will be working within…if it is a tux wedding…wear a tux! Blend in and do not standout because you look terrible in what you are wearing.

  4. Hello, first I would like to say thanks to Sony you guys happen to be one of my fav electronic companies.
    I don’t have much experience in photography (I only had one class so far), but my tip would be when photographing physically fit men, try to create shadows by having on one light source this helps in making thier muscles “pop”.

  5. for weddings and other events, people tent to act different when they see u put ur camera up to ur eye. hold ur camera down at ur waste and act like ur just walking around and ovserving. u will get some much more natural shots. just be aware of ur aiming. try practicing before so u can get used to the angle ur hands will move to in order to aim the camera in specific directions and heights.

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