What’s New: Capture One Pro 9 (for Sony)


Phase One has released Capture One Pro 9 with a new processing engine, color editor mask selections, updated Curve tool with layers support, new Keywords and a dozen of other interesting improvements.

  • NEW Processing Engine
  • NEW Adjustment tools
  • Outstanding RAW Converter and Asset Manager
  • Market leading Tethered Capture and Instant Review
  • Customizable, timesaving workflow
  • MAC and PC cross-platform
  • Support for more than 400 cameras

    The Express version for Sony remains free and there’s a special upgrade price of $40 USD / 40 EUR for current users of Capture One Pro 8 (for Sony). Here’s how to upgrade to Capture One Pro 9 (for Sony):

    Upgrade from Capture One Pro 8 (for Sony)

    If you already own Capture One Pro 8 (for Sony) Simply OPEN it. That will bring up an Upgrade Window. Choose “Pro (for Sony)”


    Then choose “Buy”.


    Capture One store will open. Click the Tab on the right “Upgrades from Capture One Pro (for Sony)” and you’ll see the upgrade price ($40 or 40€)


    Download Capture One (for Sony)

    If you don’t already own Capture One Pro (for Sony) or Capture One Express (for Sony) Download here.

    See What’s New in Capture One Pro 9

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    31 thoughts on “What’s New: Capture One Pro 9 (for Sony)”

      1. If you follow my instructions, the upgrade price is same as yesterday:

        $40 USD / 40 Euros + VAT for existing Capture One Pro for Sony users.

        You need to sign in. Once you’ve signed in with United Kingdom price will change to Euros.

    1. Thank you! I thought Pro for Sony was left in the cold.

      I actually had to install CaptureOne 9.0 and it then showed me the dialogs to buy it.

      The total for me was 60 Euro. 50 Euro + 20% VAT. I guess there was some sort fo promotion yesterday to get the 40 Euro price.

    2. Brian: First, thanks again for all of your *awesome* Sony help!

      During the check-out process I was informed that the upgrade charge would be 290 Danish Krone, which today works out to $41 — Which is a great deal….

    3. Is there a way to update all images within a catalogue to Capture One Engine 9? I find that i have to do this manually per individual image.

    4. Hi Brian
      I ordered Capture one pro 8 for Sony A7RII, for 50 Eur, on the 19, November 2015
      didn’t have time to even learn it well. and now the Capture one pro 9 is out.
      I read in Dpreview: http://www.dpreview.com/Published Nov 30, 2015 | Allison Johnson wrote: “Anyone who purchased Capture One Pro 8 after October 30, 2015 will be exempt from the upgrade fee”. It should be fair to a customer like me to get it for free.
      what shall I do to be exempt from paying again after less then two weeks?
      Thank you in advance.
      Menachem Reiss

        1. Thanks. Hope They will listen and help.
          As a user of a7rII tethered via Capture one pro 8 for sony, is there a solution to the phenomena that naming seems messed up. I have Capture set to “name” + “camera counter”, With the Sony camera tethered, every time I re-start the camera, change battery, or unplug USB cord, the camera counter number is not sequenced, but invent unpredictable numbers in the same shooting day.
          Thank you in advance for your help.

    5. I am so confuse with the marketing terms; C1 Pro 9 and C1 Pro 9 for Sony??? I’m using version Pro 8.xx and running fine tethered with both Canon and Sony A7 camera, though the interface is a little slow while using the Sony. So…. is there any difference between the two versions?

    6. Cancel that…. I figured out the Sony version is priced lower and ONLY does Sony files, whereas the regular Pro version does almost all cameras and priced accordingly.

    7. Directions did not work for me. Did not get the screens that you show. I had to pay full price for the Sony Pro Upgrade. Still I guess at $50, I shouldn’t complain, but it would have been nice to see the screens you showed.

    8. I’m a bit puzzled by the claim of a new engine that does do luminosity adjustments without the change of hue. Evaluating an upgrade, I captured with a Sony A7RM2 two images of the same scene, differing only by exposure (time), ie -2EV and 0. My assumption was that I should be able to make the underexposed image look the same as the correctly exposed image by adjusting the luminosity slider of “exposure” in C1. I could not, needed also to use brightness, lift shadows, also then correct colour balance in the lifted shadows. So it is not that clear to me what version 9 really does, but it seems to be not that easy. Either the embedded A7RM standard profile is not linear/accurate enough, or the claimed pure luminosity processing may not be that technical. Do I care, not really, but this is made out to be the major improvement in version 9. I have not checked it against the “luma” adjustments in curves, but would think “luma” based sliders would be processed the same way, definitions imply that. I do like the tonality and feel of the C1 conversions, but discussion point here is what version 9 brings in addition to version 8. In my opinion not much, but it could have. The corrections/defringing tools in relation to CA on blurred high contrast edges are still weak, a need shooting portraits with fast primes wide open. The global purple de-fringing tool for me is too limited. C1 Pro is still an excellent raw converter, although a pricey choice, but an upgrade to version 9 is in my opinion of questionable value, especially if one is looking at complete camera support (not just Sony). Please note there is also now a subscription model being introduced, so far optional, but I see this as a sign what is perhaps to come that I won’t like.

      1. I’m not certain it’s possible to evaluate the functionality of a single trial.

        Photoshop has offered the option to select ‘luminosity’ as the blend mode. I’ve never tested it the way you suggest, but you can see a huge difference when you change the blend mode of a curves layer from normal to luminosity. I’d suggest that’s a better way to test this in Capture One.

        1. I fully agree, it is an involved topic, that cannot be tested with one situation. Did another setup, same principle, but this time with a colour checker target in bright sunshine. Performed a white balance on a mid grey patch on the correctly exposed image, then copied same to the underexposed image. I could then adjust with the exposure slider the darker image to be the same as the correctly exposed one. This scene being a technical target had a lot less contrast than my first trial using a real world image (garden scene). With this test there was also no difference in the result using the sliders between version 8 and 9, both work based on that test as they should. So version 8 is fine. Checked out the new “luma curve adjustment” a bit more, the results differ from the RGB mode when making changes that affect linearity. The results look true, it would be a welcome feature for those who chose the flexibility of curves over the exposure sliders and use C1 more as a holistic editor than just as a raw converter. For me there are more important areas that could have been improved.

        1. I had generic “Manufacturer Profile” enabled. When I selected “Show All > Sony” the provided list did not contain my lens “Sony ZEISS Sonnar T 55mm f/1.8 ZA”.

          But would lens profile introduce additional level of defringing?

          1. Capture One uses Sony’s lens profiles as found in the RAW data. Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw lens profiles are also based on manufacturer lens corrections though I suspect Thomas Knoll adjusts the ones he doesn’t like.

        2. From the blog.phaseone.com

          “Some manufacturers supply enough data in the RAW file that we can use to also correct for lens errors.
          For example Sony, Micro 4/3rds cameras and Fuji Cameras.
          This is when you will see Manufacturer Profile in the Profile drop down menu.”

          That is the case of my Sony Zeiss T* 55mm 1,8 ZA. So, in this case yes I have selected the profile. 😉

    9. I tried to upgrade my C1 Express for Sony Ver. 9.2 following your instructions and using the discount code and got the message “The Provided Voucher Code Is Not Valid For Any Product In the Order”. Any ideas? Thanks

    10. Allan Imbraguglio

      I am using Capture One Pro for Sony 10.1. It seems certain functionality is limited or does not exist. For example under Local Adjustments the Gradient tools is not available. When I look at the features for the version I purchased I find the gradient mask tool does not exist as does the erase mask tool. The brush icon within the Local Adjustments does stays orange and does not work for selecting other options. Are certain features only available in the full blown version that are not available in the Capture on Pro for Sony 10.1 version? If so then what are those features that have been left out?

      Can you upgrade to the full blown version and get credit for the Sony Pro version?


      1. The Pro version for Sony has ALL the tools of the full version – the only difference is that it only works with Sony Raw files – not other brands. It sounds like you’re running Express – not Pro.

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