Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm f/2 Aspherical Fullframe E-Mount Lens Available Now


Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm f/2 Aspherical Fullframe E-Mount Lens is Available NOW! ($1,059 at B&H Photo)

Like other Voigtlander fullframe E-mount lenses, the Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm f/2 Aspherical is a manual focus lens that transmits EXIF lens data to the camera allowing Auto IBIS image stabilization with Sony a9, a7 Series Mark II cameras and Sony a6500.

With an apochromatic design, the it delivers crisp, aberration-free imagery, outstanding sharpness, and resolves the finest details, even with the high resolutions of modern digital sensors. This lens is designed to work with full-frame Sony E-mount cameras where it offers users the ability to get close to their subjects thanks to the 1:2 magnification ratio afforded by the 12.2″ minimum focus distance.

The lens features a relatively fast f/2 aperture, which will enable the creation of images with a shallow depth of field and is ideal for shooting in low-light.

The all-metal construction is designed to last and offers full manual operation for tactile control during shooting. This includes a manual focus ring and a manual aperture ring with 1/3 click stops. A 10-blade diaphragm is also present for smooth bokeh while electronic contacts will automatically transmit data to the camera for use of advanced functions, including in-body image stabilization. Additionally, it comes with a lens hood to block stray light from entering the lens.


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6 thoughts on “Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 65mm f/2 Aspherical Fullframe E-Mount Lens Available Now”

  1. Just wonder if somebody comes with a response that convinces me..

    1) Why are lenses still produced with less than 11 (or ‘more’) blades?

    2) Why are aperture-blades nowadays not SYSTEMATICALLY of rounded concept ?

    3) Why no systematic implementation of “Selective Aperture Control System”

    (click or click-less aperture-ring) ?

    Just feels like lens manufacturer are totally cynical.
    Like cooking with the best ingredients but bake not long enough, implying You would not pay for finished cooked food.

    1. 1) Because the priority with many lenses is smooth operation over perfectly rounded aperture.
      2) The priority with many lenses is on how the in-focus part of the image looks – not the out-of-focus part.
      3) Clicked/Clickless Apertures are more expensive to produce and most people don’t want to pay extra for that unless they shoot video.

      1. I’m very sory to be exposed to Your answer I can’t be conviced with at all.
        I’m actually sad You replied Yourself.
        It’s not that I’m not prepared to learn, or that I only like Subversive reasoning.
        (I have several “objections” to each of Your responsens.)

  2. Yes it was rant from my perspective, but am trying to be open to learn. But also trying to stay skeptical. Skeptical about if it holds true that manufacturer need our compassion as to if it needs to make tricky compromises to stay in business for our sake.. Critical, that on one side we are informed how great it is Voightlander invented “S.A.C.S., the selective aperture control system” but then don’t seem to bother that more customers for the same lens likely means it could level-out the costs that “non-videographers” would not want to pay for Video function. (BTW I on my g-master 85mm I love to use the click-less appertur-mode in photo-mode).
    I think it lacks coherence in respect to customers.
    I honestly did not expect the reasoning that ‘generally’ fewer blades means better in-sharpness, wile I can certainly sens that compromises, so intimately part of photography, probably indeed is theoretical at play here too. But then, when(!) manufacturer seem to tout how great it is they put so many blades in their new lens, or when they obviously brag how great it is they choose rounded blades; then in fact we should only understand they did what was requested to get the least bad compromise to exploit their given lens-assembly?
    Apparently it is wrong to think (out of the box) why not make only “S.A.C.S” apperture-rings (to keep costs down and be more versatile and sell more AND give-up strait-blades machinery for keep for rounded-only-blades, plus maximum number of blades and then only make lens assemblies that exploit this from ground up. Ok that might be inherently non-sens, You put me in healthy doubt. But I’d like(!) to think that far enough smooth control is something manufacturer are able to deliver regardless of 6,11 or say 18 blades ;-). No ?

  3. Thinkinginpictures

    This lens appears to be utterly awesome. Take a look at phillip reeves review online and finally….some pics are showing up on flickr now. It’s superb wide open. I may have to say goodbye to my loxia 50 for this one. I bought the 35mm 1.7 ultron and admittedly, the bokeh is better than any of my zeiss in that range. Plus, it has a more subdued look which for people subjects is fantastic! For the love of all that is freaking awesome, I hope voigtlander drops a 135mm. That is all…..:)

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