Venus Optics Announces Laowa 10mm F4 Cookie Lens


Venus Optics announces the launch of the new Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie Lens ($299) for APS-C mirrorless cameras. It is one of the world’s widest rectilinear pancake lenses for APS-C cameras. At a cookie size of 25mm (0.98”) long and weighing only 130g (0.29lbs), it literally can be put in your pocket. Most of the wide-angle pancake lenses on the market are either fisheye or pinhole. They usually have obvious barrel distortion and inferior image quality. However, this new Laowa Cookie Lens is equipped with a high-performance optical design, featuring super-low distortion and optimized image quality to ensure users take full advantage of the mirrorless system – compact and capable. Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is a fun and mighty option for day-to-day content creators to carry around without burden, ideal for street, urban, landscape photography and everyday snapshots. The Lens has black and silver versions for multiple mounts including Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon Z, Fuji X an L mount.

Key Features:

• Extremely Compact and Lightweight
• World’s Widest Rectilinear Pancake for APS-C
• Super-low Distortion
• High Optical Performance
• Stunning 10-Point Sunstar
• Close Minimum Focusing Distance
• Built-in Filter Thread

Extremely Compact and Lightweight

Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is a pancake-style lens specifically designed for APS-C mirrorless cameras. At just 25mm deep and weighing only 130g, you can use it with gimbals and shoot handheld easily. It’s almost like a body cap with function. With such discreet design and excellent portability, you will carry it anywhere and eventually shoot more.


World’s Widest Rectilinear Pancake

Featuring a remarkable 109.3° angle of view, Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is by far the world’s widest rectilinear pancake lens for APS-C on the market. With the advantages of the ultra-wide perspective and pocket-sized weight, this lens brings you a burdenless experience to capture epic moments in everyday life and explore the beauty in our surroundings.

Super-low Distortion

Most pancake lenses with a wide perspective are fisheye so heavy Barrel distortion would be expected. However, the Laowa Cookie is here to break the norm. The lens has excellent control of optical distortion. The horizontal and vertical straight lines are retained from corner to corner. As an ultra-wide-angle lens, this is essential not only to reduce the post-editing time but also to expand the possibility of genres you can do with this lens, from street and outdoor photography to shape-edged architectures and spectacular landscapes.

High Optical Performance

Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie lens comes with 12 elements in 8 groups optical structure with 2 aspherical and 4 extra-low dispersion elements. Despite the light and compact design, the lens managed to deliver the impressive image quality and high contrast. The performance of chromatic aberration, flaring, and ghosting effects are optimized to support your day and night snapshots.

Stunning 10-point Sunstar

Built with 5 aperture blades, stunning 10-point Sunstar can be achieved easily when stop down.

Close Minimum Focusing Distance

The minimum focusing distance of Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is 10cm, allowing you to get super close to the subjects and create interesting wide-angle macro-like shots with nice separation between the object and background.

Built-in Filter Thread

Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is equipped with a 37mm screw-in filter thread.

Pricing & Availability

Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is currently available to purchase from the Venus Optics website and authorized resellers. The US price for Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is $299 for all mounts. Pricing varies in different countries.


Order Laowa 10mm F4 Cookie Lens from Venus Optics

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6 thoughts on “Venus Optics Announces Laowa 10mm F4 Cookie Lens”

  1. Sorry for being a bit slow here. FE Mounts are for full-sensor cameras, so what is with the APS/C offering? Still unclear…the new lens will NOT work on an A5000? Thanks for your help.

    1. There is no such thing as Sony FE Mount. All Sony mirrorless cameras are E-mount. FE is Sony’s designation for Fullframe E-mount lenses.
      This lens is APS-C E-mount. Just like your camera.

  2. Thanks…the option on the Laowa website simply says “Sony FE;” thus, the confusion.

  3. Yes, thanks. At my age endless acronyms no longer stick in my memory. Laowa says the lens will effectively be a 15mm on my A5000…

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