Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cords for Sony Multi Interface Shoe

Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Multi Interface Shoe (Available in 1.5′, 3′, 6′ & 33′ lengths)

If you’ve been Searching for an Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Multi Interface Shoe Cameras & Flashes – Your Search is Over!

Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cords for Sony Multi Interface Shoe allow you to remotely fire Sony flashes with ADI / P-TTL capabilities and the Multi Interface Shoe – removing the flash from the camera’s hot shoe reducing the harsh shadows commonly encountered with direct on-camera flashes and gives your photographs a more natural look.

Available in four lengths:
1.5′ Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe ($28.95 at B&H Photo)
3′ Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe ($29.95 at B&H Photo)
6′ Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe ($39.95 at B&H Photo)
33′ Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe ($54.95 at B&H Photo)

The shorter 1.5′, 3′ & 6′ coiled options are ideal for hand-held off-camera lighting or with flash mounted on a compact flash bracket. The longer the 33′ straight length is ideal when mounting flash on a light stand.


One side of the TTL cable fits directly into the camera’s hot shoe to ensure that all of the camera’s exposure data is maintained. The other side can be attached to any stand, tripod, or device with a standard 1/4″-20 threaded stud or flash shoe mount and the shoe has a locking knob to ensure your equipment is secure.


Product Highlights

• Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
• Mounts to Flash Shoe
• Mounts to 1/4″-20 Threaded Studs
• Allows Off-Camera Flash Triggering

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38 thoughts on “Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cords for Sony Multi Interface Shoe”

  1. Hey Brian, I cam across your blog when doing a search for a flash cable for my a7rii. What i’m trying to find is a cable that will access one of the side ports of the camera. I shoot in the water and have a water housing. I’m coming from using all canon stuff so my flash set up is set for my 600ex-rt. The crazy thing is the 600 ex-rt when attatched to the hot shoe works on my a7rii. So bascially what I need is a cable that hooks to the side of my camera and runs to a hot shoe that sits in my flash housing. I hope that makes sense.

  2. So, I am getting a not compatible error with my a6000. Does this work with my camera? I find yeses and now online.

    1. It “should” be compatible with any Sony camera with multi-interface shoe. Make certain the cord is properly seated in the MI shoe and the flash is properly seated in the cord’s shoe.

      1. The error says – This accessory is not supported by the device and cannot be used. Please verify the compatibility with the device. I will try to call vello. I am wondering if the firmware update might have made it not work.

        1. That means you are not making proper contact either in the MI shoe of the flash. It has nothing to do with firmware. but there could be a problem with one of the contacts. I’d suggest wiping down the contacts with alcohol and making 100% certain everything is properly seated into place. If that doesn’t do the trick, send the cord back.

    1. I received mine VERY quickly after placing my order. Sometimes you simply have to commit to buy instead of waiting for the shelves to be full…

  3. I got my cable and have not gotten it to work with either of my Nissan Di700A flashes and my Sony 6300 and Sony A7rii. I’ve tried everything and can’t get it to work. No flash on shutter release. Nada.

      1. Thank you.
        I ‘ve contacted them and got the following answer.

        “At this time the Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe (3’) # OCS-SMI3 does not support audio devices.

        We are working to bring that functionality to future versions of the product, but we have no clear idea of when or if that feature will appear.”

  4. Hi Brian.

    Do you know how I can connect my A7 to a strobe unit? I purchased the Sony FA-WRC1M and the FA-WRR1 (Flash radio master controller and receiver) and it says “This accessory is not supported”. Would an update to the firmware fix this problem? Or is there a hot shoe adapter that has an outlet to connect to a sync cord so I can connect to my strobe unit by cable? It seems like Sony doesn’t have anything available for me to be able to do studio lighting photography. Please help. Thank you.

  5. Orded one from B&H last week, but got an email from them saying Vello has stopped making them??? 🙁
    Anyone know where I can get one or from another brand?

  6. I bought a Sony A7 next to my Panasonic bridge dmc-fz200. On that camera I use a Nissin i40 for micro 4/3 flash. If I buy the Nissin i40 for the Sony A7 hotshoe and put that on camera will it “talk” correct to the micro 4/3 version?

  7. I have a Sony Alpha a6000 camera but am unsure precisely which Vello off-camera flash synch cord will work on it. I see images on the internet wherein the flash shoe seems different from the one in your illustration. Is there a precise model number? Many thanks.

    1. The cords listed in this post are all compatible with a6000 and Sony Multi-Interface shoe flashes. They are available in three different lengths depending on what you prefer (I find the 6.5′ coiled cord to be perfect for me.). I’m told by B&H that the photo on the product page shows the protective cover over the pins which I agree is confusing.

  8. I have a Sony a7Riii and a Nissan digital i60A flash. I am having trouble connecting the flash to the interface shoe. Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions would be helpful.

      1. I bought two of the Vello cords for between a Sony A9Ii and a Godox V1 flash for Sony. Neither cable provided TTL control. I tried several times to re-insert the cables without success.

        The Godox flash works properly when inserted directly into the camera’s hot shoe.

        In the end I.bought the Godox Xpro-S wireless trigger and that worked.

        1. Interesting… They work with Sony flashes, but unlike Sony & Profoto, Godox reverse-engineers their flashes. The fix might be as simple as updating flash firmware, but I’m glad you found a solution that worked!

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