Vello Nikon to Sony E-mount AF Adapter in-stock at B&H Photo


Vello Nikon F to Sony E-mount autofocus adapters are in-stock at B&H Photo!

Vello Nikon F to Sony E-mount autofocus adapters ($399) enable you to mount Nikon glass to Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras and retain full automatic functionality. When using most Nikon G-type and E-type lenses, users will have auto exposure as well as the ability to control the aperture from the camera body. Autofocus can be utilized as well and is fastest and most accurate when used with Sony cameras that use focal-plane phase-detect AF systems.

Image stabilization is also supported and will work in tandem with most in-body stabilization systems. Users of most D-type lenses will have access to auto exposure capabilities and all Nikon lenses will be able to communicate EXIF data through the adapter to the camera.

The mount is designed for long-term use with a durable metal construction. It has a matte black interior that will help reduce reflections for optimal image quality. Additionally, it has an integrated tripod foot with a 1/4″-20 socket that can be used to reduce stress on the camera’s lens mount when using larger lenses.

Compatibility Information

For full compatibility between Nikon lenses and Sony cameras, please visit this page.

Compatibility Specifics

• Sony E-Mount Cameras with Phase-Detection AF: Support for AF, auto exposure, aperture control, and EXIF data with select G-type and E-type Nikon lenses. Select Nikon D-type lenses support auto exposure, aperture control, and EXIF data.
• Most Sony E-Mount Cameras: Support for auto exposure, aperture control, and Exif data with select Nikon G-type, E-type, and D-type lenses.


• Adapts Nikon F-mount lenses to both full-frame and APS-C format Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras
• Maintains autofocus, auto exposure and image stabilization support with most G-type and E-type Nikon lenses
• Autofocus is best supported by Sony cameras that utilize focal-plane phase-detect AF systems
• Most D-type lenses are supported with auto exposure
• Depending on the camera, phase-detect autofocus is supported along with contrast detection
• Communicates EXIF data to the camera to be saved in the image file for later reference
• Integrated tripod foot with 1/4″-20 socket
• Matte black interior helps reduce flare for optimal image quality
• Metal construction for long-term durability
• Auto exposure function is not compatible with Sony’s E-mount camcorders, such as the PXW-FS7



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5 thoughts on “Vello Nikon to Sony E-mount AF Adapter in-stock at B&H Photo”

  1. Brian, I’m pretty sure these are the Commlite adapters, rebranded. I’ve had 2 of the Commlite adapters and neither of them worked very well. They were very inconsistent. Wouldn’t focus, power off camera, then on, then you might get one shot to focus. EXIF data generally not passed to images. Tried with multiple lenses and multiple Sony bodies. Returned both adapters. They never worked as advertised, and only even partially worked about 10% of the time.

    Have you actually gotten one of these and tested it??? Does it work to your satisfaction?? with which lenses and which bodies??

    thank you

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