Just Announced: Vello Nikon F to Sony E-Mount AutoFocus Lens Adapter


Vello Nikon F to Sony E-Mount AF Lens Adapter ($399 from B&H Photo) will be available in early May 2016. The adapter allows autofocus with most Nikon G- and E-type lenses on Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7II, a7RII, a7SII fullframe cameras and Sony a6300, a6000, a5100, a5000 APS-C mirrorless cameras. Please Note: it offers best performance with a7II, a7RII and a6300.

Most G-type and E-type Nikon lenses will be supported for autofocus, phase-detect support, auto exposure, and the ability to adjust aperture settings from the camera body.

Most Nikon D-type lenses will have access to auto-exposure capabilities and be able to communicate EXIF data through the adapter to the camera body – but no AF.

All Nikon lenses will be able to communicate EXIF data through the adapter to the camera and Image stabilization is also supported and will work with Sony’s in-body stabilization systems.

Auto exposure function is not compatible with Sony’s E-mount camcorders, such as the PXW-FS7.

Product Highlights

• Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera
• Works with both Full-Frame & APS-C E-Mount cameras
• Supports AF & Auto Exposure for most G-Type & E-Type Lenses
• Supports Auto Exposure with Most D-Type Lenses
• Retains Image Stabilization Functions
• Control Aperture from Camera Body
• Transfers EXIF Data to Camera
• Fixed Tripod Foot with 1/4″-20 Socket
• Matte Black Interior; Metal Construction


The mount is designed for long-term use with a durable metal construction and it has a matte black interior that will help reduce reflections for optimal image quality.

It has an integrated tripod foot with a 1/4″-20 socket that can be used to reduce stress on the camera’s lens mount when using larger lenses.

Vello Nikon F to Sony E-Mount AF Lens Adapter (Pre-Order for $399 from B&H Photo)



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6 thoughts on “Just Announced: Vello Nikon F to Sony E-Mount AutoFocus Lens Adapter”

  1. Will this adapter work on a Sony A6300/A6500 camera if I connect a Tamron lense (for Nikn F mount) that I currently use on my Nikon D810 camera?

  2. It looks like it (naturally) won’t support screw-driven autofocus, but I don’t really consider that too much of a loss… (Although, some AF-D lenses are excellent.)

    The big question for me: Does this adapter support AF-C during while recording video?

    I’m doubtful, since neither the exquisit Techart PRO nor the Sony Alpha LA-EA# A-mount adapters even appear to support that…

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