Techart PRO Autofocus Leica M to Sony E-Mount Adapter In-Stock USA


Techart PRO Autofocus Leica M to Sony E-Mount Adapter is In-Stock and Shipping in the USA!

Transform your manual focus Leica M-mount lenses into autofocus glass on your Sony mirrorless camera with Techart PRO Leica M Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Autofocus Adapter (Order Here for $379).

Compatibile with the PDAF system on Sony a7II a7RII, a6300 and a6500, this adapter has a mechanism to physically shift lens position up to 4.5mm on the Z axis, enabling autofocus even on manual focus lenses. This adapter will support both AF-S and AF-C focusing modes.

If the lens is set to its close-focus position, this adapter’s extension can be used to get macro capabilities.

Product Highlights

• Leica M Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera
• Optimized for Use with a7II & a7RII
• Shifts Lens up to 4.5mm for Autofocus
• Supports PDAF with AF-S & AF-C Modes
• Improves Close Focusing Ability
• Ideal for 50mm and Wider Focal Lengths
• Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity & Mobile App
• Stores 10 Sets of Lens Data
• Compatible with 5-Axis Stabilization
• Drives Lenses Weighing up to 10.6 oz




via: SonyAlphaRumors

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1 thought on “Techart PRO Autofocus Leica M to Sony E-Mount Adapter In-Stock USA”

  1. I’m told it’s quite fast as long as you stick to lenses weighing 10.6 oz or less (including filters, hoods, etc.)

    The max extension is 4.5mm which covers a much wider focus range with a 21mm M-mount lens than a 90mm…

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