Retoucher Amy Dresser PhotoShelter Interview

Photo retouching Jedi Master Amy Dresser pulls back the Photoshop curtain to reveal her working process in this webinar with PhotoShelter. Amy has worked for a host of A-List clients from photographer Jill Greenberg to Playboy to Barbie. Listen as Amy humbly claims her work is relatively simple: remove what might be distracting, then pull […]

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Adobe Photoshop Makeup Parody

This hilarious informercial parody of Adobe Photoshop beauty retouching makes light of the standards of beauty in our society in this very clever video by Jesse Rosten introducing a new make-up line Fotoshop by Adobé. It’s a perfect send-off of all those late-night infomercials where the befores and afters seem to be nothing more than

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