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Secrets of Great Portrait Lighting at PhotoPlus Expo 2012

I’ll be presenting an all-new portrait lighting seminar at PhotoPlus Expo this fall. Expanding upon the lighting portions of my talk and book Secrets of Great Portrait Photography, this seminar will focus on how to master light. This is my third year speaking at PhotoPlus, but I’ve been attending for the past 20. Every time …

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Lowepro Talks Portrait Photography with Brian Smith

Portrait photographer Brian Smith shares his thoughts as a Lowepro Featured Photographer on location shooting, approaching public figures, and the art of getting comfortable with the subject in our exclusive Lowepro video profile on Vimeo.  

What Makes You Click?

What Makes You Click? Q & A with Miami Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer Brian Smith Back in the day, when shooting on film for the Miami Herald, photographers often made film runs for each other to meet deadline. The photographer would continue shooting while the first batch of Tri-X would get processed in our lab. On …

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How’s the CZ 85/1.4 lens for Portraits?

Q: I really admire your work, so I thought you would be a good person to get your thoughts on Sony. I recently purchased a Sony a850. I’m very pleased with so far. I am primarily a portrait photographer and I’m planning on getting 85 f1.4 CZ next. Would you recommend this lens and which …

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