PhotoShelter Salutes Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Grover Sanschagrin of PhotoShelter put together this great article about Professional Photographers who also shoot with Point-and-Shoot cameras. It’s great to see that so many of my friends also carry a small camera with them everywhere they go. Afterall, the best camera you can own is the one you’ve got with you…

PhotoShelter Shout-Out

Nice Shout-Out from Grover Sanschagrin of PhotoShelter with his PhotoShelter Blog post about X-Rite’s behind-the-scenes video “Brian Smith: Color and Burlesque” which shows an inside look at one of my burlesque photo shoots. Thanks for the love, PhotoShelter! PhotoShelter is the ultimate destination to host your online photo archive or to secure any images you …

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