The Linked Photographers Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media

I went to see Lindsay Adler & Rosh Sillars yesterday at B&H Photo. Even if you’re a photographer with a Website and Photo Blog and you’re social media savvy enough to be all over Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and FlickR you can still learn a lot from Rosh and Lindsay, since THEY WROTE THE BOOK on […]

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PhotoShelter Salutes Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Grover Sanschagrin of PhotoShelter put together this great article about Professional Photographers who also shoot with Point-and-Shoot cameras. It’s great to see that so many of my friends also carry a small camera with them everywhere they go. Afterall, the best camera you can own is the one you’ve got with you…

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500 Photographers

BIG THANKS to Pieter Wisse for featuring Brian Smith as today’s photographer on his 500 Photographers photo blog. Peter is profiling five of the world’s top photographers a week for 100 weeks. It’s a very clever way of compiling the work of 500 photographers and shucks, I’m very honored to be Photographer #041… 500 Photographers

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Is it Time for another WPA?

The last time America was mired in an economic crisis like the one we face today, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was created to put America back to work. The Works Progress Administration brought us The Federal Arts Project (FAP) maintained more than 100 community art centers which produced 2,566 murals, 17,744 sculptures, 108,099 paintings

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