Brian Smith

AFTER/CAPTURE Profile April/May 2007

Victoria Vestal profiles my transition from Pulitzer Prize-winning sports photographer to celebrity portrait photographer in a 5-page feature article in the April/May 2007 issue of AFTER/CAPTURE magazine. We talk celebrities, sports, workflow, gear and my career.

In Print: Leslie Nielsen gets Drafted

When actor Leslie Nielsen suggested wearing a tuxedo for a poolside cover shoot for the March 007 issue of Draft magazine, I couldn’t help but think of Connery, Sean Connery as Bond at the Fountainbleau pool in ‘Goldfinger.’ Nielsen raised his lager in a manner befitting a secret agent – the Martini Glass from my …

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Richard Branson goes into Space for Time

“Richard Branson…on Necker Island…in a Spacesuit…” That was the pitch from Time Magazine deputy photo editor Dietmar Liz-Lepiorz. As pitches go, that was as good of a pitch as I’ve heard. But to be honest, he had me at Branson… Richard Branson is the type of subject every photographer simply loves. He gets a good …

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Photographing a Living Legend

I grew up in the days before fitness gurus were everywhere you looked, in those days when fitness could be summed up in just three words…Jack…La…Lanne… When I was growing up I start off each day watching “The Jack La Lanne Show” before heading off to school. As a portrait photographer, there is nothing cooler …

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Advice to Photographers Starting Out

FIRST: Most importantly…Shoot what you love to shoot. Work that’s from the heart will always be your strongest work. NEVER FORGET TO HAVE FUN! SECOND: The next most important thing you can learn is how to relate to people. Even if you are a still life, architectural or landscape photographer who never shoots people you …

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