Sony Remote Camera Control v3.4 Adds Yosemite Support

Boo-yah!!! Great news for Yosemite users who want to tether their supported Sony cameras using Sony Remote Camera Control. Sony has released Remote Camera Control v3.4 which adds Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite Support.

Supported Cameras:

Sony A7, A7R, A7S, A7II, A99, A77MII, A58, A900, A850, A700

Download Link:

Click here for the [Download] link to [RCC34_1501a.dmg](6,101,964 Bytes)


Installation Procedure:

Double click the [RCC34_1501a.dmg] icon displayed on the desktop.
It is normally saved in the Download folder.

Double click [RCC_INST.pkg] in the opened folder to start installation.
Follow the instructions in the screen.


DSLR-A700/A850/A900 users:

The Auto icon of the camera and that of Remote Camera Control are different as follows.

Auto-1 Auto icon on DSLR-A700/A850/A900

Auto-2 Auto icon on Remote Camera Control Ver.3.4

For Image Data Suite (Remote Camera Control Ver.2.0) Users:

As Remote Camera Control Ver.2.0 is a part of Image Data Suite, it will not be overwritten by installing Ver.3.4. If you install Ver.3.4 to the computer where Ver.2.0 is already installed, both Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.4 exist together. However, you cannot use Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.4 at the same time.

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12 thoughts on “Sony Remote Camera Control v3.4 Adds Yosemite Support”

  1. Ditto. Yosemite was released July 2014 and we got the necessary update around Jan 2015. Looks like it might be a loooong wait. The first time I upgrade the OS early this is what I get. LOL.

  2. Im using the Remote Camera control with an a7s but i cant get the AFL button to work. It’s is greyed out and i cant get it to function. Everything else seems to be working on the app but the AFL button. Anyone got any ideas. I’m at a complete loss. Grateful for any help or advice.

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