Sony Releases Firmware Update 2.00 for Sony RX100 III, IV & V Cyber-Shot Cameras

Published: March 30, 2017

Sony has released Firmware Update FW 2.00 for Sony RX100 III, RX100 IV & RX100 V Cyber-Shot cameras to improve operability with the Sony MPK-URX100A Underwater Housing.

This utility updates the camera firmware to version 2.00 and provides the following benefits:

Improvements over version 1.01:

• Improves operability with the MPK-URX100A Underwater Housing:

    • Adds the Underwater Auto feature in the White Balance settings
    • Adds the Flash Off mode when the Flash unit is popped-up

• Improves the overall stability of the camera

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 2.00:

• Improves the power-on time after downloading the Smart Remote Control application of the PlayMemories Camera Apps
• Resolves an issue where the camera may not power-on in certain situations

Firmware Download Links:

RX100m5 FW Update 2.00
RX100m4 FW Update 2.00
RX100m3 FW Update 2.00

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22 thoughts on “Sony Releases Firmware Update 2.00 for Sony RX100 III, IV & V Cyber-Shot Cameras”

  1. “Determine if Your Camera Needs the Update
    This update only applies to DSC-RX100M5 cameras that currently have a firmware version 1.01. If your camera firmware version is already version 2.00, this update is not necessary.”
    I have F/W version 1.00.

  2. The Sony support link on the Sony site to firmware update 2.00 for the RX100M3 leads you, after clicking on Accept Agreement button for software download, to “Page not found” for the file, itself. Do you know where one can find this file other than on the Sony support site? Sony doesn’t reply on chat or, it seems, via email other than acknowledging they received your email inquiry. When did Sony start sucking so bad?

      1. I just wrote a similar question before reading this. Maybe your answer has changed since December 2018? Probably not.

        1. These updates were released before Mac OS 10.14 existed, therefore there are no directions of how to upgrade using an OS that did not exist at the time.

          Try running Mac OS X 10.13 Driver Loader first as directed. Once that’s done you may be able to run the firmware update.

          As a Mac user since 1985, I HIGHLY suggest making 100% certain ALL your Sony cameras are up to date before even considering a major Mac OS update.

  3. Hi there, Thanks for the page. Do you know if this update fixes the issue whereby the camera shuts down after closing the viewfinder? If not, I probably won’t bother with it. I thought I had read that on a forum somewhere, but haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere.

    Thanks again!

      1. its not a firmware issue its in the setup where you choose to turn the camera off when the pop up viewfinder is pressed down or turned off. same way when you pop up the viewfinder camera turns on

  4. Do you happen to have a complete list of what all updates are from 1.00 to 2.00? I see the updates from 1.20 to 2.00 which is listed above. However no clue what the 1.10 or the 1.20 firmware updates did. SO I was curious if you knew or had a list as sony does not.

    1. Update history will be different for each camera on this list. All previous updates are included in the current version and listed as “Previous Benefits and Improvements”. Which update they occurred in is immaterial. Just update to the latest version and you’ve got it all.

  5. I have the RX100M5A which is on Version 1.00. Is there an update for this specific camera?

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