Sony Releases Alpha 1 Firmware Update 2.01


Sony releases Alpha 1 Firmware Update 2.01 that fixes an issue where the camera may not be able to connect to the network after installing Firmware Update 2.00

Update overview

• Fixes an issue where the camera may not be able to connect to the network after installing the system software update for Ver. 2.00. We apologize for the inconvenience.
• This update also includes the benefits from the Ver. 2.00 update.

Things to keep in mind before performing the update

• Make a note of your settings (in case of updating from Ver. 1.32 or lower)
• After updating to this version, the camera settings will reset to the default values.
• Since this update adds functions and major specification changes, the camera settings will be initialized as part of the update process.
• We recommend you make a note of all the camera settings before proceeding.
• Even if you have saved the settings using the various save features available (such as Save/Load settings and Save/Load FTP settings) the settings before Ver. 1.32 cannot be applied after the update.
• Switching from Imaging Edge Mobile to Creators’ App
• If you’re using the Imaging Edge Mobile app, please be aware that updated cameras will no longer be able to connect to this app. After updating your camera, install the Creators’ App.
• Please make sure the Imaging Edge Mobile app is Ver. 7.7.2 or later in order to pair the camera with the Creators’ App.
• If the Imaging Edge Mobile app is not Ver. 7.7.2 or later, update it before trying to pair the camera with the Creators’ App.
• For instructions on installing and connecting the camera to the Creators’ App, please refer to Migrating from Imaging Edge Mobile app to Creators’ App.
• Additionally, the NFC one-touch connection function used for the camera version 1.32 or earlier will no longer be available.

Applicable Model

This information is for the following models: ILCE-1

Benefits and Improvements

Support for mobile applications:
• Adds support for the Creators’ App
• The new Creators’ App mobile application replaces the Imaging Edge Mobile app. The Creators’ App allows you to transfer images from the camera to your smartphone, shoot remotely, and use other various functions.
• Availability depends on the country and region.

• Adds support for the Monitor & Control app
• The Monitor & Control app connects wirelessly to a camera and enables video monitoring and remote operation using a smartphone or tablet.
• Availability depends on the country and region.

Shooting & playback functions:
• Adds support for the Relay Playback function
• Adds support for Breathing Compensation
Note: For compatible lens information, please refer to this support page.
• Adds the Sync Release function that releases the shutters of multiple sub-cameras in conjunction with the main camera’s shutter timing
Note: Remote Camera Tool Ver. 4.1.00 is required to activate this function.
• Adds a function that displays the focus frame on the Remote Camera Tool screen when the monitor and viewfinder are turned off
Note: Remote Camera Tool Ver. 4.1.00 is required to activate this function.
• Adds support for Image Stabilization with Body-Lens Coordinated control. For compatible lens information, please refer to this support page.
• Adds a function that allows you to narrow down the images to be played back using multiple filtering conditions, such as FTP transfer status
(FTP = File Transfer Protocol)
• The maximum number of images that can be recorded in one folder has been increased to 9,999
• Allows Timecode input with the Multi/Micro USB Terminal. You can set the timecode with the source equipment
Note: A dedicated adapter cable, which is sold separately, is required to connect to the timecode source equipment.
• Adds support for importing/switching multiple IPTC Presets
(IPTC = International Press Telecommunications Council)
• Adds support for C2PA format (The license availability date is undecided)
(C2PA = Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity)
• Adds support for Custom Grid Line
• Availability depends on the country and region.
• Custom Grid Line is available as a paid license.

FTP transfer & network functions:
• Allows you to upload camera images directly to the Creators’ Cloud app
• Availability depends on the country and region.
Creators’ App Ver. 2.3.1 or later is necessary. Settings must be adjusted in the Creators’ App in advance. • For more information, please visit the Creators’ App support website.
• You can now automatically schedule FTP transfer of protected movies and still images
• Movies/still images transferred via FTP transfer can now be automatically protected
• You can now transfer specific images with priority during FTP transfer
• Adds support for USB streaming
Note: When connecting to a device with a USB Type-C port, please use a commercially available USB cable or a conversion adapter.
• Adds support for SFTP
(SFTP = Secure File Transfer Protocol)
• Wireless LAN security now supports WPA3-SAE
• Improves remote shooting and image transfer security when using the Creators’ App and Imaging Edge Desktop software
Note: Please update the Imaging Edge Desktop software to the latest version (Ver. 3.7.0 or later).

• Fixes an issue where the camera may not be able to connect to the network
• Fixes an issue where images may not be transferred properly during FTP transfer
• Fixes an issue where the folder name setting for still images may switch from the set value to the default value (MSDCF) when the battery is removed
• Fixes an issue where the timecode wasn’t always retained after a power restart
• Improves the exposure stability when using extended ISO during movie recordings
• Improves the operational stability of the camera
• Please refer to the Help Guide for details on all updated functions.
• This update is only available for Windows and macOS. A memory card version is not provided.

Previous Benefits and Improvements

All previous benefits and improvements are included in this update

File Version


Release Date


Download Links

Download Alpha 1 Firmware 2.01 for MAC | WIN


System Requirements

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with MacOS 11, 12, 13

Computer Hardware

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with the following hardware:
Hard drive space: 900 MB or more
RAM: 900 MB or more

Download the Sony Camera Driver:

1.Visit the Sony Camera Driver download page and download the appropriate driver:
Note: The Sony Camera Drivers are different for Mac computers with an Intel processor and those with an Apple silicon processor.
• Sony Camera Driver (For Mac computers with Apple silicon)
Sony Camera Driver (For Mac computers with an Intel processor)
2. Click the Download button.
3. After reading the disclaimer, click Download.
4. Save the file to the desktop of your computer (recommended).

On Mac computers with an Apple silicon (Apple M1) processor, you need to change the security policy. The About This Mac screen will show an item labeled Chip, followed by the name of the chip. Refer to the How to change the security policy on Mac computers with Apple silicon article. For Mac computers with an Intel processor, this step is not necessary.

Step 1: How to Install the Sony Camera Driver

1. Close all programs currently running on your computer.
2. Double-click the Camera_Driver_2102a.dmg or Camera_Driver_2110a.dmg file you downloaded. Do not connect the camera at this point.
Note: If you have already connected the camera to your computer, disconnect it before following the procedure.
3. The Sony Camera Driver Installer is expanded.
4. Double-click the SonyCameraDriver.pkg icon.
5.The installer screen opens. Proceed as instructed.
6.You are prompted to allow the application to install new software. Type the password for the administrative account.
• If the operating system displays the System Extension Blocked dialog message (the actual message will vary depending on the operating system version), click the Open Security Preferences button. The macOS Security & Privacy screen opens.
• If the operating system does not display the System Extension Blocked dialog message, go to Step 2: Start the Updater to continue.
7. In the Security & Privacy screen, open the General tab and then click the key icon. When prompted to enter the password, type the password you used when logging in with the administrator account, and then click the Unlock button.
8. Click the Allow button to allow the system to start loading the system software.
9. After clicking the Allow button, if you are asked to restart, restart the computer and return to the beginning of the update procedure.
10. If the Security & Privacy screen does not disappear, close the window.

Step 2: Install Firmware Update

Follow all Firmware Installation instructions in the download instructions

Before Updating Firmware Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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