Sony Releases a7R II Firmware Update 3.30


Sony has released a7R II Firmware Update 3.30 which adds support for Sony radio wireless flash system and better temperature control to reduce over-heating issues.

This utility updates the ILCE-7RM2 system software to version 3.30, and provides the following benefits:

• Adds support for Radio Controlled Lighting System
• Improves stability in picture shooting mode (optimizing temperature control, effect is different according to temperature)
• Adds support to output video via HDMI (still mode) when using the Remote Camera Control software
• Improves overall stability and operability of the camera

Before Updating Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates



MAC 10.10 and 10.11 USERS:

MAC 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan users if you have not already done so, you will need to first install Mac Driver Loader before running any updates.

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30 thoughts on “Sony Releases a7R II Firmware Update 3.30”

  1. Dear Sir Brian, is the new Sony firmware update Ver 3.30 for a7RII (ILCE-7RM2) (a7Rii) or is it for a7II (ILCE-7M2)? I would like to make sure before updating the firmware of my Sony a7II. Thanks for your help.

  2. Brian, do you know anything about upcoming upgrades for A7II? I’m especially interested in “minimum shutter speed” setting…

  3. Hi Brian, I’m getting around to updating my A7R2 to 3.3 and noticed you suggested
    downloading the Mac Driver Loader as a prerequisite when using OS X 10.11. I couldn’t find confirmation of that on Sony’s support site ( it only listed the A7 as requiring it.) Did you need it to upgrade to 3.3 or are you not a Mac user? Also, have you had any issues with this release?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Brian, some of us in the astrophotography community have become aware that in this upgrade, Sony rolled the median filtering, previously applied only to bulb exposures, onto all exposures of 4 seconds and longer.

    This has very negative results for star photos – have you heard of any way to roll firmware back to a previous version – we’d like our raw long-exposure data back.


    1. This is an example of an update that fixed a problem for one group had the undesired side-effect on another group. Photographers who long-exposure daylight exposure of several minutes in duration requested built-in long exposure noise reduction. The update solved that but ate a few stars in the process. Sony engineers are aware of the issue and working hard to find a solution that makes both groups of users happy.

      1. Jennifer Meyer

        Brian, I appreciate that Sony engineers are addressing this issue, but I’d like to add that this is not just a concern for astrophotographers, but that the application of a median filter reduces fine detail in all long exposure photography and that RAW photographs should be unaltered. I can not imagine that all users would not prefer the application of long exposure noise reduction to be a choice and not applied to the RAW file.

        1. I’ve heard from photographers who are happy with the update for long-exposure daylight photography as it reduces the occurrence of noise is daylight skies (essentially added “stars” where you don’t want them). Once again, the goal is optimal performance for all users at all times of day.

          1. Are these “extremely happy” photographers not aware you can do similar filtering in *any* competent RAW processor and that this procedure irrecoverably destroys detail in any shot 3.2 seconds or longer, with no input from or option given to the photographer? Perhaps these photographers should be shooting JPEG if they’d prefer the camera to be doing all their post-processing for them. (Seriously, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t seem like these people you’re referencing really understand the point of a RAW photo.)

          2. Well that’s an elitist attitude! Actually one of the photographers I spoke with sells his work at galleries in the USA and Europe, happens to be among the finest printers I’ve ever met and has probably had never shot jpeg (except possibly on his phone….)

          3. Jennifer Meyer

            Brian, I have great admiration for your work and expertise. I have searched out your opinions and advise while making the switch from Nikon to Sony.
            I mean no disrespect, but it is hard for me to imagine a fine art
            photographer saying, “Gee, I love that new Sony firmware because
            I really want my camera to automatically apply a detail
            devouring filter to my RAW file rather than allowing me to select
            long-exposure noise reduction as a menu option like every other
            camera manufacturer.” I understand it being an attractive option and I’m happy Sony sees it as an important addition, but it should not be applied to the RAW file automatically, taking control of that file out of the hands of the photographer.

      2. Thanks for the update, Brian, that’s reassuring. I can imagine that there are a number of possibilities that would achieve their goal. I’ll await with interest.


      3. I wouldn’t call it a few stars. It’s a significant number of starts. It’s also fine detail and city lights at night. Anyway, do you have a date? And will Sony acknowledge that they are working on a fix?

          1. So, feedback has been passed along but there is no firm commitment that they are actually going to fix the issue. Is that correct?

    2. This is almost a defect in the camera, a possible deal-breaker for me till its fixed.
      I hope Sony gets on this ASAP
      Thanks for your comments

  5. George Theodoridis

    Brian, I don’t think Alfred’s comment was elitist, and I think his point is valid. Sounding peeved isn’t helpful. I agree this should be an option.

  6. Actually Brian.. if you could.. Print up a BIG GIANT SIGN for all the managers and engineering teams.
    “A700 Taught us ALL>> RAW NR must have an OFF setting”
    We will never forget”
    We suffered though this with the A700. I flew to Vegas back then to talk to Mark about it face to face. Software always gets better. You future proof your images by NOT adding NR to RAW so the newer software can always make them better.
    Camera needs a shutter button, a sensor and an OFF for RAW NR .The rest is up to design.. they really need to learn this. Maybe tattoos during new employee hiring 😉

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