Sony Releases a1 Firmware Update 1.32


Sony released incremental a1 Firmware Update 1.32 that adds a glimmer of hope that updates users actually want might possibly be on the way.

Applicable Model

This information is for the following models: ILCE-1

Benefits and Improvements

• Fixes an issue where the camera may not start when the Mode dial is set to Movie and the NTSC/PAL selector is set to PAL
• Improves the operational stability of the camera

Previous Benefits and Improvements

All previous benefits and improvements are included in this update

File Version


Release Date


Download Links

Download Alpha 1 Firmware 1.32 for MAC | WIN


System Requirements

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with MacOS 11, 12, 13

Computer Hardware

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with the following hardware:
Hard drive space: 900 MB or more
RAM: 900 MB or more

Download the Sony Camera Driver:

1.Visit the Sony Camera Driver download page and download the appropriate driver:
Note: The Sony Camera Drivers are different for Mac computers with an Intel processor and those with an Apple silicon processor.
• Sony Camera Driver (For Mac computers with Apple silicon)
Sony Camera Driver (For Mac computers with an Intel processor)
2. Click the Download button.
3. After reading the disclaimer, click Download.
4. Save the file to the desktop of your computer (recommended).

On Mac computers with an Apple silicon (Apple M1) processor, you need to change the security policy. The About This Mac screen will show an item labeled Chip, followed by the name of the chip. Refer to the How to change the security policy on Mac computers with Apple silicon article. For Mac computers with an Intel processor, this step is not necessary.

Step 1: How to Install the Sony Camera Driver

1. Close all programs currently running on your computer.
2. Double-click the Camera_Driver_2102a.dmg or Camera_Driver_2110a.dmg file you downloaded. Do not connect the camera at this point.
Note: If you have already connected the camera to your computer, disconnect it before following the procedure.
3. The Sony Camera Driver Installer is expanded.
4. Double-click the SonyCameraDriver.pkg icon.
5.The installer screen opens. Proceed as instructed.
6.You are prompted to allow the application to install new software. Type the password for the administrative account.
• If the operating system displays the System Extension Blocked dialog message (the actual message will vary depending on the operating system version), click the Open Security Preferences button. The macOS Security & Privacy screen opens.
• If the operating system does not display the System Extension Blocked dialog message, go to Step 2: Start the Updater to continue.
7. In the Security & Privacy screen, open the General tab and then click the key icon. When prompted to enter the password, type the password you used when logging in with the administrator account, and then click the Unlock button.
8. Click the Allow button to allow the system to start loading the system software.
9. After clicking the Allow button, if you are asked to restart, restart the computer and return to the beginning of the update procedure.
10. If the Security & Privacy screen does not disappear, close the window.

Step 2: Install Firmware Update

Follow all Firmware Installation instructions in the download instructions

Before Updating Firmware Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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6 thoughts on “Sony Releases a1 Firmware Update 1.32”

  1. “…adds a glimmer of hope that updates users actually want might possibly be on the way.” Made me chuckle, thanks for that.
    On a side note, the startup time of my Alpha 1 is definitely faster after this update.

  2. Confused, how does this update, give any hope that a real update with all the missing features users have been craving for is coming? That they released this with 0 of those things would seem to be the opposite that there is less hope, as presumably they won’t be another update for a long time, or was that sarcasm?

    1. I’m acknowledging the fact that many users have requested added features – not simply bug fixes. I honestly have no idea whether Sony will add new features to existing cameras but at least the fact this is called fw 1.32, might signal that 2.00 is reserved for something bigger…

  3. I’ve been with Sony since it bought the line from Konica-Minolta (I had a K-M 5d). 10 bodies later I can assuredly say that Sony’s record of updating its cameras is horrid. As an a1 owner, I would have expected that just maybe Sony would add a few firmware features that they’ve been releasing with its lower-end cameras. But nope, unlike its competitors, Sony’s business model continues to disrespect those of us who’ve (up to now) championed the brand.

    1. I own two Alpha 1 cameras so I’ve got skin in this game too. But honestly, Sony lived up to everything that was promised – 50 MP at 30 FPS. Yes, NEWER cameras ALWAYS have new features. That’s just the way it works. I’m fairly certain that when Sony releases the next-generation Alpha 1 II, it will have a few features that no camera on the market can match.

  4. How long can Sony continue to sell A1 at $6500 when the Z8 $4000 exists which matches most of what A1 can do and exceeds in some areas.
    A1 has better AF but lacks some features as we all know.
    Unless Sony plans to release A1ii soon it seems a firmware update would help maintain their market.

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