Sony Imaging Edge Mobile: Using Transfer & Tagging

Sony Imaging Edge Mobile Transfer & Tagging

The new Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app will replace Sony’s current PlayMemories Mobile™ app.

Transfer & Tagging add-on will be released in March offering instant transfer of images from camera to a connected mobile devices while shooting.

Jpegs can be transferred when utilizing the new “Auto background transfer to Smartphone” functionality, allowing users to easily share content direct from their phone to social media platforms.

The mobile application also supports 4K movie proxy file transfer and remote control functionality.

It also enables voice input for text captioning to help streamline communication and overall workflow between photographers and other team members. There is also an online function that will allow you to sync a Caption Glossary between multiple devices.

Here’s a preview of how Transfer & Tagging works:

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49 thoughts on “Sony Imaging Edge Mobile: Using Transfer & Tagging”

  1. first thank you for your work on this on your own and Patrick. This background transfer (seems based on the ftp parts) that was first in the a7r3 and a9 will be only be ‘upgraded’ to the a9 right ? or any hints this is also for the a7R3/A7M3 in 3.0 or after the summer 4.0 ?

      1. Hi, transfer and tagging will only work with ILCE-9, ILCE7RM3 and ILCE-7M3 for now. Only difference with the A9 is that you’ll be able to transfer while shooting. While for the other 2 you can only transfer after shooting.


  2. Awesome , I just bought the Sony A9 after our previous discussion … when and where will it be release ? Please

  3. Hey Brian – couple of questions about the transfer and tagging.

    1. Is it a direct FTP connection between the camera and phone similar to the wifi connection used with Play Memories? Or does it require an intermediate external wifi access point?

    2. Do I have to stream the entire shoot to my phone or can I tag specific images for transfer? If so, Is the tag sticky…that is…does the tag stay attached to the image until it’s transferred or thereafter. With the Play Memories transfer you can tag images but if you leave the tagging menu either on purpose or by accident all tags are lost. If the transfer doesn’t complete tags are lost. It really sucks to meticulously go through a few hundred images and tag selects only to have the tags lost if the transfer doesn’t get completed.

    3. On the phone app is it FTP out to client only? Or can you elect to email?

    I ask these questions because I do a lot of near real time transmission to corporate clients who live tweet or have other immediate social media needs. I’d like to be able to stream images out to my phone in the background while shooting, select on the phone and email or text the selects to a client. FTP delivery won’t work for most corporate clients.

    I can do this with Play Memories but there are a lot of steps involved and it’s inconsistent at best when time is pressing.


    1. FTP to client on a9 works as it always does, this just adds the option to FTP to iOS or Android smart phone.
      Your best connection would be via the ethernet port but I believe you can also you can also use a WiFi network.
      Once you connect it will stream ALL THE JPEGS. The phone app is meant to edit down what you want to send to your client.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up as it is not so clear via Sony. I’ve been having a rough time trying to transfer live with an A7R3 and was getting very confused.

    1. Mobile Apps are subject to government regulations and must be approved by that regulatory agency in your country before Sony can offer them in your country.

  5. I have a Sony RX100 M6 camera and an iPhone, which are now connected using Imaging Edge Mobile. I can remotely take still photos using the Imaging Edge app, but I cannot see how to remotely shoot video (movies) using this app. There is a large letter “P” on the Imaging Edge screen, which I assume means “photo”, but I don’t see any way to switch to video (movies). Can you help? Thanks.

  6. not RAW?? in the earlier version you could!! I’ve jsut buy a A6300 and sold my A600 just for this feature and they remove it??? f***k

    1. No change.
      You can’t transfer RAW to Smartphone with PlayMemories Mobile
      You can’t transfer RAW to Smartphone with Imaging Edge Mobile
      You can only Save RAW to card

  7. Brian, thanks for your reply. I think I see where you are going, and you are right: The “mode” indicator on the Imaging Edge app screen is just telling me what shooting mode the camera is currently in. If I change the mode on the camera dial, it changes the mode displayed on the Imaging Edge screen. So now I understand that. But I still don’t see any way to shoot video. I checked the Sony esupport website to see if there’s a firmware upgrade I need, but I couldn’t find any. My firmware version is currently 1.0. So remote video is just not implemented yet?

  8. Thanks again, Brian. That’s all I needed to do. Looks like everything is working correctly now.

  9. Hi Brian,
    I’m having trouble sending location information from my iPhone to my A7R3. Bluetooth is paired (and the icon appears in my camera screen) but the ‘location’ icon does not appear and it also does not appear on my iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services list. Suggestions?

  10. Thanks Brian. My use case is that I sometimes find it helpful to locate photos by looking at a map. Apple has done this on the iPhone by automatically collecting photos based on location, and placing them on a map. It seems like a gimmick at first, but as I collected (and failed to catalog) more and more iPhone snaps, I found myself coming back to the map as a way to locate photos, more and more often.

  11. Hi Brian, When I use the new Imagingedge on my iPad as a remote control, I can’t get it to download anything bigger than small jpegs. I checked all the settings I could find and set it to transfer full size images but it keep resizing them after transfer. Driving me nuts. What am I doing wrong?

  12. I have a ILCE-6000. I cannot get the edge app to work? Is it supported by Samsung 10e and this camera?

    1. Imaging Edge Mobile replaces PlayMemories Mobile and works the same way it always did with a6000 except adding more functionality and add-on options for newer Sony cameras. Transfer & Tagging add-on is just for a9, a7R III & a7 III.

  13. Rochelle Schiller

    Does this app support the ISCLE-6000 camera? I am having trouble making this app work with Samsung 10e and this camera

  14. How do I delete images that are on the image edge? I have the image transfer from the a7m3 but I cannot seems to delete them in the app. Is there a button I missed?

  15. Thank you Brian for the prompt reply. I’m using iPad and the keyboard do not come up doe deletion. Does that mean that I can only delete the image on a Mac only?

  16. I have an iPad keyboard and i tested it, unfortunately, it does not work. Very frustrating. I google but cant find any information. Thank you for your guidance.

  17. Jonathan Aguallo

    Brian, quick question. I added caption information in the app, but when I export and view the metadata in lightroom and photoshop I don’t see the metadata I keyed. thoughts?

  18. Great preview! Have you gotten a chance to test the A7R4’s ability to transfer RAW images using Sony’s Imaging Edge software? I know this is a bit premature and a little off topic, but I’m super excited to see Sony going in this direction.

    It would be nice if Sony can unlock the ability to transfer RAW images to a mobile OS using the A7R IV and its 5GHz wireless feature. Now that mobile phone storage capacity is 64-256GB on the average new smart phone, and at least the latest iPhones have some sort of RAW image processor in the Photos app. Seems like now is the perfect time to make this happen. The A7R IV could be the first camera that can effortlessly wirelessly tether to my iPad Pro, while also syncing to Adobe Lightroom CC. That would be a dream come true!

  19. Will this allow me to save images on SD card in camera while still viewing and controlling camera on iPad with my Sony a99ii?

  20. Brian,

    I have an A9II and use the voice memo function for every shoot. I would like to upload all of my photos and their associated captions to my server as I take pictures.

    I have an iPhone with a Personal Hotspot, so staying connected to the camera and the internet is never a problem since my phone is always on my side while I shoot.

    What is the best way to accomplish this??

    Transfer and Tagging is the closest I have seen yet to what I want to accomplish, but I am not sure this is the best way. It seems better then coming through Imaging Edge since I just want all of the originals to upload and have no need to manipulate the images or cull any of them. I literally want all of the images and voice memos to go directly to the server in their original format.

    Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hello David, I think the answer is to find the process that works best for YOU. If Tagging & Transfer gives you what you need, stick with it.

      But if you’re curious about Imaging Edge, this might be the perfect time to test it out while things are slow.

  21. Hi Brian. Do you know if it’s possible to rename files in the Tagging & Transfer app? I can’t see a way. Also when I email from the app the filename gets a full stop/period added to the start, which alters how it can be viewed in some programs. PhotoMechanic for example will not recognize it unless I remove the period. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks

    1. I’m not aware of any way to rename files in tagging & transfer but you can change the 3-letter filename prefix. If you are doing this in camera be certain you enter THREE letters/numbers. If you don’t that could be causing the period to be added. Another possibility is that if Adobe98 is selected as the Color Space, an underscore is added at the start of the filename. I can’t think of any reason _ would turn into a . but you should check that out

  22. Filename prefix hasn’t been changed and the color space is srgb. Strangely if I email from imaging edge there is no period, but if I email the same image from Tagging & Transfer, one gets added!

  23. winfried vaassen

    hello i have alpha S7II and using a ipad to download the photos. but if they are on the ipad i am still not able to delete one or more images! i need help for this! thanks

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