Sony Announces Camera Software Development Kit (SDK) & App Library for E-Commerce Product Photography

Sony Camera Software Development Kit (SDK)

Sony has announced a new camera automation software development kit (SDK) created to streamline imaging for product photographers. It’s especially useful for large e-commerce businesses, allowing them to simplify, speed up and standardize product photography.

The new SDK enables virtually every facet of the camera and lens to be controlled and automated, including the white balance, resolution, image compression, zoom, focus and video triggering.

Several new features have a specific focus on the e-commerce sector. The addition of multi-camera operation allows product photographers to precisely control the triggering of all cameras, allowing products to be captured from multiple angles and packshot shooting. The new SDK is also compatible with macOS, the operating system most-used by product photographers. It is also available for Windows and Linux.

The SDK will support the Sony α9 II, Sony α7R IV, α7S III and Sony α7C camera bodies.

via: Alpha Universe

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5 thoughts on “Sony Announces Camera Software Development Kit (SDK) & App Library for E-Commerce Product Photography”

  1. One firmware update that I have been waiting for is a simple yet very useful see/crop in camera to 4:3, 4:5 or 1:1 proportion. This should be very very very simple to do because there is already a 16:9 crop.

    1. The most recent Sony cameras all include 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratios which is something I’ve been pushing for a long time. I’d expect to see that on all future cameras.

  2. Oh how I wish Sony would create a way for us to connect the Sony A7…to computer via USB without having to purchase things like CamLink. A direct connection is always better than a passthrough.

    1. Since it’s always been possible to connect a7 cameras via USB for tethering I assume you mean for video. Here’s the rub. Sony sends the full 4K video signal over HDMI – not USB as HDMI provides a cleaner signal. If you’ve got a pre-2016 MacBook Pro you can simply connect to the HDMI port. But now that Apple did away with all those handy built-in ports you need a HDMI-USB Capture card adapter.

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