Sony Announces TWELVE New E-Mount Lenses Coming Soon!

At today’s Photokina press conference, Sony announced they will soon release TWELVE new E-Mount lenses bringing the total E-mount lens lineup to SIXTY.

My guess is that “soon” means “within the next year” and this may be a mix of FE and APS-C lenses. While no specific lenses were mentioned, this is certainly good news for Sony shooters. Let me know in the comments what lens you’re hoping Sony will announce next.

Other highlights from the Sony Press Conference at Photokina include:

Sony Announced engineers are working to extend Eye AF to animals which should come as welcome news to pet and wildlife photographers.

Sony Dominates the Global Fullframe Camera Market:
#1 Worldwide Share in Fullframe Camera Market for the first half of the 2018 (total sales and units sold)
#1 Worldwide Share in Mirrorless Camera Market Every Year from 2010-2017 (total sales and units sold)

Finally Sony called “bullsh*t” on Nikon’s claim that Fast lenses requires a bigger lens mount. Of course you already knew that based on all the F0.95, F1.1 and F1.2 lenses that are already available for E-mount. Meanwhile ZERO Fast lenses are currently available for Nikon Z mount (actually zero lenses period.)

Venus Optics Announces Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF Lens

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Sony Creators’ App is Available Now!

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Sony a7 IV Firmware 2.00 adds Creators’ App Support

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20 thoughts on “Sony Announces TWELVE New E-Mount Lenses Coming Soon!”

  1. Conjecture? Are we far enough along we may see TS-e Lenses in this bunch? If so , I might consider selling my Canon 17mm and 24mm however these lenses are manual focus to begin with and provided you use Metabones rather than the Sigman MC-11 which does NOT work with these… I see almost no performance hit. Even so…

  2. Would animal eye AF be a software upgrade, or would there have to be a camera upgrade at that point, do you think? I shoot equines…and that would be amazing….even though my A9 is amazing as it is….

  3. Would be nice to have a 150-600. I own the 100-400 and it’s a wonderful lens, but the extra 200 mm would be lovely for a birder/wildlife and sports shooter like me.

  4. I may be in the minority but I’d really like any decent apsc zooms. I moved on from from my Sony apsc (still have it as a backup) to a DSLR because quality zoom lenses are almost non existent. I don’t want a massive FF 12-24 that can’t support filters on a tiny a6xxx body. They really need to make a good 12-24 (or similar) and a better lens in the 16-70 or even 18-70 or 80 range. The current 16-70 is pretty much a crap shoot and both 18-xxx lenses aren’t amazing. Almost every other system has better lenses in both 16or18-70to100 and at least have options in the wide zoom range (the 18 end of the 10-18 makes it very limited). Sony apsc is kind of a joke.

    1. I completely agree.

      I bought sony aps-c because of the small size of the camera. However, sony aps-c lenses are mostly crap. If you want quality lenses, most of them are FF.

      But what’s the point of buying huge FF lenses? You’re just carrying useless glass.

      Quality aps-c zoom lenses (like a 16-35 2.8) would be really good news.

  5. Only thing i dont like about the smaller e mount is that the lenses have to be bigger so it is a trade off. Just compare the sigma e mount lenses to nikon and canon. So one could say sony is superior if you only need 1 small lens and canon/nikon may be superior if you need multiple/zoom lenses. The value for money is still there regardless and I love having a live preview and eye AF. The A7iii is a great camera. Can’t wait to see what the new ASP-C camera will be like.

    1. First off, most DSLR “pancake” lenses are crap optically. Crap optics for the sake of size is not the goal with Sony.

      Next, notice the size of Canon R and Nikon Z lenses compared the their DSLR equivalents. The portion of the equation that you’re missing is that mirrorless cameras offer the opportunity for better optical design than DSLR because you can place lens elements closer to the sensor in the space wasted by a DSLR mirrorbox.

  6. I just want some decent telephoto options that don’t break the bank. Their 70-300 is about double the price it should be. The Tamron equivalent for Canikon (the A005, which is actually decent) is like $450. Sorry, but there’s no way Sony’s should be $1200. Right now, for their APS-C cameras, if you want to upgrade at all from the kit telephoto, your cheapest option is $1200. I’d even be fine with Tamron (and Sigma) making some offerings similar to their Canikon options. The Tamron 70-300 5.6, the 150-600 6.3, the 70-200 2.8 G2, the 100-400, etc. Those are all lenses that are either longer or faster than a kit offering, but don’t break the bank. Heck, even their 70-200 2.8, a premium lens, is the same price as Sony’s 70-300 5.6.

    1. Sony is committed to making the BEST lenses that offer exceptional image quality and best-in-class AF. There will always be third party options ranging from budget-priced options all the way up to top quality glass from Zeiss

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