Sony Announces New Circular Polarizing Filters

In addition to the new FE 135mm F1.8 GM Lens, Sony has also announced a new lineup of Circular Polarizing Filters. The new filters, including models for lens diameters 49mm, 55mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, preserve image quality and resolution about twice as effectively as Sony’s existing circular PL filter lineup, making them a perfect partner for Sony’s flagship G Master series lens. They also feature a ZEISS® T* Coating to minimize flare and a slim filter design to prevent image vignetting and maximize overall performance.

The new circular polarizer filters will ship in May 2019:

49mm (model VF49CPAM2) – $99.99 US
55mm (model VF55CPAM2) – $109.99 US
62mm (model VF62CPAM2) – $139.99 US
67mm (model VF67CPAM2) – $154.99 US
72mm (model VF72CPAM2) – $164.99 US
77mm (model VF77CPAM2) – $179.99 US
82mm (model VF82CPAM2) – $229.99 US

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2 thoughts on “Sony Announces New Circular Polarizing Filters”

  1. I have always doubted the need for circular polarizers. I’ve used linear polarizers for years without a problem, though I realize new focusing technologies might now necessitate CRPs.

    Can you explain why CRPs are recommended? Is the claimed need CRPs still as strong even for mirrorless cameras?

    1. You are absolutely correct Kozmo. Circular Polarizers are only needed on DSLR’s due to their secondary focus module and Linear Polarizers work absolutely fine on mirrorless cameras.


      1. Not all photographers are as knowledgeable as you and most people believe Circular Polarizer are better.

      2. The cost to produce Circular and Linear Polarizers is about the same. The key is good glass and good coatings which is the same for either.

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