Sony Announces FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Lens

Sony a7RIII camera + FE 24-105 G OSS lens

Sony announces the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Lens – it’s the MOST-REQUESTED LENS by our readers!
I’ve shot with it and it is SPECTACULAR!

• Focal Length: 24 – 105mm
• Maximum Aperture: f/4
• Minimum Aperture: f/22
• Camera Mount: Sony E
• Format Compatibility: 35mm Full-Frame Digital Sensor
• Angle of View: 84° – 23°
• Minimum Focus Distance: 1.25′ (38 cm)
• Magnification: 0.31x
• Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 1:3.2
• Elements/Groups: 17 / 14
• Diaphragm: 9 Blades (Rounded)
• Image Stabilization: Yes
• Autofocus: Yes
• Filter Thread: 77 mm
• Dimensions (DxL): 3.28 x 4.46″ (83.4 x 113.3 mm)
• Weight: 1.46 lb (663 g)

Sony FE 24-105 G OSS lens
With corner-to-corner sharpness, Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS is the perfect travel lens.

Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Lens is Available for Pre-Order NOW!


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114 thoughts on “Sony Announces FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Lens”

    1. Sony has announced the new FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS E-mount lens, priced at £1200 inc VAT, and available from November. The lens has a close focusing distance of 38cm, is weather-sealed, and is said to be the lightest lens of this type in its class, weighing 663g.

  1. Eh… But don’t take me the wrong way. It is awesome that sony is releasing a 24-105 f4. It is something that they should have release a long time ago.

    But the “eh” comment comes from their claims of it being the smallest. Though it seems to be, it isn’t by any margin that I would necessarily be bragging about. The canon 24-105 f4 IS USM mkII is 118mm long and 795 grams. So 5mm longer and actually 0.1mm wider. However, the mk I which is no slouch is 107mm long and 670g heavy. So it is 7 grams heavier but 6.3 mm shorter.

    The one issue that I have again is that the sony is noticeably more expensive than the canon and nikon offerings (300 to 500 more expensive). Regardless of that price it is the one lens that I would truly justify considering the all around nature of the thing.

    1. Weight is not my top concern (though it’s a plus), rather that Sony is kicking the crap out of Canikon glass in terms of sharpness and I’d rather pay a bit more for quality now than wait for the others guys to catch up if they can.

  2. Charles Ginsburgh

    Will the Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS e-mount lens be compatible with the Sony alpha 6000 camera line (a6300 or a6500) ?

  3. This lens is a no-brainer. I have the 12-24G and the 100-400GM, so with TC’s I’ve got 12-800mm with three lenses! Travel kit perfection.

  4. Been waiting for this lens for YEARS! I so hope it’s good for landscape use. Any idea when you will have some kind of review available? 🙂 I really need it to be a good deal better than the 24-70 f4.

  5. Brian, I want to buy the A7riii, have been waiting for it to come out. My dilemma has been that I find the 24-70 f2.8 GM to be too heavy and I don’t use primes. Do you think the 24-105 f4 would work well with A7riii or will the 42mp need the f2.8 GM to perform well? Basically I am wondering whether the 24-105f4 is likely to work better with a 24mp camera say a future A7iii vs. 42mp A7riii? I am tempted to get the A7riii and 24-105 f4 but need your opinion.

    1. Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS is just the lens you’ve been waiting for! While the FE 24-70 2.8 GM has the best bokeh of any mid-range zoom, the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS is sharp corner-to-corner at all focal lengths making it a great choice for Sony a7R III and beyond. It’s also the lightest 24-105 F4 on the market which makes it a great choice as an all-day-walk-around-lens.

    2. Neeraj what’s your final output? I guarantee that for 99% of users even the worst lenses don’t have “issues” with the a7r series. I challenge anyone to do a do a double blind test of an image without pixel peeping in a ridiculous manner and saying which one was shot with the best lens.
      It’s important sometimes to remember that the craft is about getting the shot, not about technical perfection.
      That said if you honestly are one of those 1% who shoots stuff for ultra large fine prints then I gues I take it back…

  6. Thanks Tom and Brian. Tom I typically print 13×19 or 16×20 not beyond. The reason I had asked the question was that I had read a lot of reviews that showed that the potential limitations of the 24-70 f4 were highlighted even more with the a7r2 due to its large 42 mp sensor. I am trying to upgrade from APSC and am not a paid professional so want to make the big investment be worth it. I totally agree though ultimately it is how you take the picture and not with what you take it with.

  7. Thank you Brian. So I am reading this as follows: You are telling me for A7riii, as you have written before, if there was only one lens I could afford it would still be the GM 2.8, but if the weight and price of that lens is not a good fit for me, a close second to the one lens solution for a7riii would be the 24105 f4. Correct. Thanks again.

  8. Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM or Sony 24-105 f4 if money or weight is not an issue?

    I was sold on the 24-70 f2.8 up until I read this article.thanks!

  9. Brian, I am sold now on the a7r3 24105f4 idea and will preorder. Do you have plans on updating your a7 book to incorporate changes in a7r3?

  10. Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing the information! I currently have a Sigma Art 24-105 f4 for Canon, that I use with my Sony A7r ii using Metabones adapter. The lens is very sharp, but the autofocus is slow. Would you recommend replacing the sigma with this sony lens?

    1. Absolutely! The mechanical AF system is one of the great strengths of Sony FE lenses that never shows up in lens test scores. Unlike DSLR lenses, the focus mechanism in FE lenses is responsive enough to provide fast Eye AF.

  11. This is subjective, of course, but I’m curious how the rendering is on this lens. Technical sharpness is one thing, but I’d be curious to hear how you describe the rendering in general. I’ve seen insanely sharp lenses that just look “flat” and boring, while other lenses have a three-dimensional rendering that is more textured.

  12. Yes. I found the information regardin the body 5,5 stops. But dint found how many f stops is lens only? And how it works together, is it more than 5,5 stops. Im wondering how stabel is this in handheld video…

    1. They work in tandem. The camera allows OSS lenses to control 2-Axis image stabilization while the IBIS handles the other 3-Axis. For those with good technique that’s more than enough for smooth handheld video.

  13. Hey Brian!
    Thanks for a great article again! I just bought an a7sii and I was looking for a good lens to start with. I am guessing this would be the one but can you please give me an idea about how it would perform at low light and how is the AF? Also, how good this would be for close subjects videography? I am mostly interested in video. My questions, most probably, sound stupid but I am just starting out, trying to learn! Hope you don,t mine! Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. It’s a very good overall focal length for all around shooting. As for low light it depends how low you mean. An F2 Prime will offer 2-stops better performance in extreme low light conditions than an F4 lens.

      1. Yes, that I know. I have a 50mm 2.8 macro lens and it’s pretty good at low light, only the AF is slow. But, I guess, it’s ok for a macro lens. However, it has it’s limitations and I was looking for a good zoom lens to start with until I know exactly what lenses do I need. So, this one looks pretty good to me and your comment confirms that! Thanks!

        1. Are you using the Focus Range Limiter on the side of the lens? If not macros will be slower than conventional lenses since they have a MUCH longer focus throw. Turn that on an they focus like a normal lens in the range you select.

          1. No, you are right! I tried your advice and now it’s working fine! Thanks again 🙂

  14. I’ve got 24-70/4 ziess and planed to buy 24-105/4 to use instead of my old 24-70/4. Do you think it’s worth changing?

      1. I have also the fe2470 zeiss, but i doubt between the 2470gm and the 24105.
        But ain’t the 2470gm not to heavy versus the 24105?

        1. I had the 24-70 F4 Zeiss and honestly got very frustrated when I took it round Japan. I found it missed focus a little bit, but the images were simply not sharp on the A7RII when I wanted to crop down a little bit, which I regularly do because I’m into travel photography were sometimes framing isn’t easy to do because it’s about speed.
          For reference – I used to be able to do it with the Canon 7D and the 24-105 F4L, so it’s not me being too aggressive with the crop or anything.
          The 24-70 2.8 GM never gave me this issue but by GOD is it a heavy lens.

  15. I only shoot F5.6 or above. Usually F8 and F11.
    Is the 24-70 F2.8 still the best lens or is this where we start splitting hairs?

    1. Both the FE 24-70 F2.8 GM and FE 24-105 F4 G will deliver sharp images, it’s more about the look. If bokeh is important, the GM is the best lens for that. If the added range to 105mm outweighs bokeh, go with the G.

    2. If you shoot at 5.6+ I don’t see why you wouldn’t want the 24-105 tbh. It’s still a G lens, so it’s not going to be terrible – any every report so far is that image rendition from the 24-105 is exceptional.
      The 2.8 I ended up selling because I couldn’t deal with the weight for travel.

    1. Brian– Just got a notice from B&H that the VU filter is no longer available. Do you have a 2nd recommendation for a slim-frame 77mm?

  16. If price and weight are not a concern how do you compare the Sigma 24-105 lens with adapter to the Sony 24-105 G OSS for the Sony alpha RII camera

  17. Hi Brian, I have sel 24-240 and i am happy to use this one when i am travelling. Do you think the 24-105 f4 can replace the 24-240? And is there any converter for it. Thanks

  18. I just picked up the new 24-105 and it doesn’t appear to support eye autofocus? Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? Thanks

    1. That lens absolutely supports Eye AF.

      Most Sony cameras require you to enable Face Detection for Eye AF to work. I’d also suggest assigning Eye AF to the Focus Hold Button if the camera you are using allows that.

  19. Hi Brian, I have a Sony A7ii. Would the 24-70MM GM lens work well on a 24 MP camera? Or should I just get the 24-105? I’ve read a lot of reviews for both lens, but they all seem to be tested with the 40 MP cameras (A7Rii, A7Riii). I’m trying to justify whether I should upgrade the body to A7Rii or A7Riii. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hi Brian great review. 🙂

    I just got a a7r3 and the 24 105mm f4 moved from Nikon.

    I am noticing purple fringing on tree branches and and other parts on the edge of the photo, is this normal with this lens.

    I noticed it when shooting 24mm at F4

    not sure if its a bad copy.

    Does the 24 70mm GM do a better job when it comes to purple fringing.

    any help would be appreciated.

    thank you


  21. yes I do but I can still see some, not as bad as the raw file but its there.

    the jpg out of camera is much better then the RAW file when I open it on my Mac.

    there is no support yet for RAW on Mac but it still opens and that is when it looks real bad.

    what do you think can it be showing me something different due to no RAW support yet.

    thanks again

  22. im using photos and preview.

    Also I have noticed that the white snow and ski have a pinkish tone.

    This is driving me nuts?

    1. Your problem is Software not Hardware.

      First off STOP using crappy software like Apple Photos and Preview to evaluate the quality of a camera and lens way above their capabilities.

      Apple does not yet support a7R III RAWs. Preview and Photos is merely opening the 2K embedded preview image – not the RAW.

      Ditch that crap software and use real image processing like Lightroom or Capture One.

      There’s even a free version of Capture One Express for Sony – but the $79 Capture One Pro for Sony is well worth the price.

      1. I don’t think Capture One supports the Sony FE 24-105 mm G yet. I asked Sony Support about ten days ago. Can you tell me how to find supported lenses without contacting support?

  23. Thanks Brian

    I had a feeling it was something to do with support for RAW.

    As for the Apple software I agree its not as good as Lightroom or Capture One, but I have never seen issue this bad when looking at images from my Nikon D700.

    I have downloaded the Capture One software and you are right images look correct, no pinkish colour tone.

    So what I am seeing, out of camera jpg do have a pinkish tone and this is normal unless I reprocess them in Capture 1.

    Is that correct ?

    I just want to make sure I don’t have a bad camera or lens as I don’t have much time left to swop for other lens or camera.

    Again thanks Brian for your time helping me.

    1. Once again, Apple does not yet support a7R III RAWs. Period. Any weird pinkish tone is a problem with Apple software – not your camera or lens.

      Your D700 was released long ago so it’s supported.

      Apple Photo and Preview are total shit software. They might be fine for iPhone, but using them to evaluate the quality of a $3200 camera is akin to attempting open heart surgery using directions downloaded from the internet.

  24. Ok

    So I opened the RAW file and the out of camera JPG in Capture One and the jpg still have a pinkish tone in the whites (snow) and I notice this tone on other pictures on light collard walls.

    Not using Apple software, I understand that it is not good.

    I am sorry not trying to be a pain but is there a chance that there is something going on with my camera or lens

    Do you see this in your JPG out of camera.

  25. Ok

    So I opened the RAW file and the out of camera JPG in Capture One and the jpg still have a pinkish tone in the whites (snow) and I notice this tone on other pictures on light collard walls.

    I am sorry not trying to be a pain but is there a chance that there is something going on with my camera or lens

    Do you see this in your JPG out of camera.

  26. If you were a landscape photographer, blew up pictures, entered shows and very particular about sharpness etc. would you be happy with the Sony 24-105 f4 vs the Sony 24-70 f2.8 gm lens?

      1. I compared the Sony 24-70 f2.8 that I own to a new 24-105 f4. I was shocked to find that the 24-105 was sharper and colors more saturated 75 percent of the time. . I used the same picture at f8 and f11 at 24, 35, 50 and 70mm. The 24-105 f4 stays with me!

  27. Hey Brian,

    Would the 24-105 f/4 with an a7rii be good for kids photography? I’m looking for something fast & sharp. Toddlers don’t like to stay still. I’ve got the 24-70 f/4 zeiss lens but feel like I’m missing a lot of good shots because it’s just not focusing fast enough.

  28. Athanasios Tzavaras

    Hej Brian!I have the a7II and looking into 24-105 f/4 .
    I ve looked almost all reviews about this lens and it seems a really good lens.I ve seen everyone testning this lens with a7RII or a7RIII and wanted to know IF you think i won’t get the full potential of this lens with my a7II since it’s a step down from the other bodies.Thank you eitherway!

  29. I shoot landscapes only and blow up large prints using a Sony a7rll. Sharpness and image quality is paramount that me. Bokeh is of minor importance. I own a Sony 70-200 f4 g lens and a Sony 24-70 f2.8 gm lens. I just received a new Sony 24-105 f4 g lens. Any reason to keep the Sony 24-70 f2.8 Gm lens?

  30. Jerry Eisenstein

    Hi Brian,
    I am also waiting to buy this lens to use on the a7riii and the a6500.. I read on the internet that this lens does not focus with eye AF??!! Can that possibly be? I never heard this anywhere else.

    thank you.

  31. Hi Brian, my wife absolutely loves your website and after reading your many reviews, opted to purchase the new Sony A7iii and upgraded the lens to the FE24-105 F4 G OSS. She loves it! We use it on our Alpine hikes and other travel adventures and the only time we don’t take it with us is when we are in the ocean :o) We updated the firmware on the camera and we were told that the lens may need an update but I have yet to find one. The only bad we have found so far is the Sony Playmemories is a super fussy and clunky interface and seems to lose connection constantly which is a little bit frustrating when you have your shot set up and you are trying to use your phone as a remote. THe only other issue that we were having is the camera will freeze up now and again but it is possible that we are forgetting to revert a setting back like timer before setting the drive back to single shot. What other lens would you recommend for travelling? Say on a safari to Africa. So many variables including dust resistance.

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