Sony a7RII User Manual


Sony a7R V Firmware 2.00 adds Creators’ App Support

Sony a7R V Firmware 2.00 which adds Creators’ App Support is available via the memory card firmware update process. Required Downloads Read this section before

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Sony ZV-E1 Available for Pre-Order NOW!

Designed as a professional photo+cinema camera for content creators to up their game, the ultra-compact Sony ZV-E1 Mirrorless Camera provides cinematic looks to your vlogs,

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Venus Optics Announces Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF Lens

Venus Optics announces the fast aperture Laowa Argus 28mm f/1.2 FF lens for full frame Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF & L mount mirrorless

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11 thoughts on “Sony a7RII User Manual”

  1. Hi Brian

    Thanks for posting this! I immediately went to page 77 to look for the file sizes.

    I had been hoping that something like sRAW/mRAW would be available, but sadly it looks like you can only manipulate the size of the RAW file by using a crop mode. Otherwise using JPEG is the only way to reduce the pixel size.

    This would have been such a useful feature. Was looking forward to 42mp for some jobs and personal work, but not sure I need to have my machine struggle under the weight of such large files all the time.

    Does your experience so far suggest that the manual might be wrong? Could this be something that is adressed in a firmware update, or is there perhaps a technical limitation which prevents it?


  2. Are they mutually exclusive though? Does downsampling the RAW file have to result in a compressed file?

    I’m genuinely curious as I think at least the Canon implementation of mRAW was a lesser version of the raw file not just in terms of pixel count.

    Seems like I have to live with Sony’s direction at any rate.

  3. Kathleen Callowat

    I am having a hard time adjusting the camera to shoot in bulb mode, I purchased your book from snap shots to great shots. I have followed the instructions in your book and for some reason I am unable to locate the bulb setting. I would like to do some night shots of stars and moon and really am frustrated. Please help

    1. Hi Kathleen, in either Shutter Priority or Manual Exposure modes, Bulb is the final setting just past 30 sec. There are several settings such as Silent Shooting mode and Bracketing that are not compatible with Bulb.

  4. Hi Brian
    I am a street and Architectural photographer and I used normally focal from 15mm to 50mm. As an expert of the Sony 7RII can you please tell me which is the best lens for travel accordoing the photo types I made normally ? Many thanks

  5. Marianela Lizardo

    Hi., I would like to know where is posible to find spanish version manual of sony camera ar7II. I have a camera and will be easiest for me.

  6. David Stembridge

    Hi Brian, my a7RII starts up on manual focus rather than AF. Is there a way to toggle that? I can’t find this in the manual!

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