Sony a7R II Named 2015 Camera of the Year by Imaging Resource

Published: December 21, 2015

Sony a7R II Named Imaging Resource Camera 2015

Awards keep rolling in for Sony a7R II, Imaging Resource names it their 2015 Camera of the Year!

Imaging Resource 2015 Camera of the Year:

Sony a7R II (Order Here) “Like its predecessor, the Sony A7R II is a groundbreaking camera, and redefines what is possible in a full-frame mirrorless camera body. For the first time in an “R”-series A7 body, there’s phase-detection autofocus. Jam-packed with no less than 399 focus points covering most of the image frame, the A7R II provides swift, accurate autofocus lock and capable tracking, even with adapted Alpha-mount or third-party lenses. And courtesy of backside-illumination technology, the A7R II provides sufficiently good noise characteristics to allow handheld shooting under typical city street lighting, even with its higher resolution of 42.4 megapixels.” — IMAGING RESOURCE

Imaging Resource 2015 Best Low Light Camera:

Sony a7S II (Order Here) “The digital camera market has come a very long way in the last decade, but the mighty megapixel has reigned supreme for too much of that time. With the A7S II, Sony takes a different road, fielding a camera whose raison d’être is sensitivity. Like last year’s A7S, the Sony A7S II opts for a relatively low — and yet arguably still sufficient for many purposes — twelve megapixel sensor with comparatively huge, light-hungry pixels.” — IMAGING RESOURCE

Imaging Resource 2015 Technology of the Year Winner:

Sony RX1R II (Order Here) “The RX1R II’s variable low-pass feature worked flawlessly in both lab-based and real-world tests, producing true variable optical low-pass filtering, with no limitations. This is finally the solution to the low-pass filter dilemma. Now you can switch between low-pass filtering or maximum sharpness as your subject demands. Even better, the RX1R II can automatically bracket shots with the low-pass filter on and off. Bottom line, with the RX1R II, you never need to worry about moiré spoiling a shot again.” — IMAGING RESOURCE

Imaging Resource 2015 Best Enthusiast Fixed-lens Camera:

Sony RX1R II (Order Here) “Pairing exceptional image quality from a full-frame image sensor and a tack-sharp and extremely bright Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm f/2 T* lens, the duo provided two excellent options for street shooters, but there was a fly in the ointment: Unless your pockets (and wallet) were very deep indeed, you had to choose between the pair, making a decision at purchase time to opt either for maximum per-pixel resolution or resistance to moiré.” — IMAGING RESOURCE

Imaging Resource 2015 Best Premium Compact Camera:

Sony RX100 IV (Order Here) “No question about it: Since the Sony RX100-series launched back in mid-2012 with the RX100, it has redefined what a pocket-friendly camera can be. The Sony RX100 IV continues that trend, retaining much the same body and lens as its predecessor, but it now sports a noticeably sharper, clearer popup viewfinder. It’s also faster than ever, capable of shooting up to 16 frames per second.” — IMAGING RESOURCE

Imaging Resource 2015 Lens of Distinction, Prime Lens:

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro (Order Here) “Sony’s done one heck of a job with this lens. Though a bit expensive at around $1,100, it nevertheless captures stunningly sharp images, both wide-open and stopped-down — even into the narrower apertures. Distortion is a non-issue, and the built-in Optical SteadyShot system does an amazing job — our keeper rate was 100% at 1/30s and even 90% at 1/15s! If you do macro work and are a Sony A7-series owner, here’s your new macro lens. Simple as that. Oh, and it works great for portraits, too.” — IMAGING RESOURCE

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