Sony a7R II named DP Review ‘Best Camera Over $2,000’

Sony a7R II named DP Review Best Camera Over $2000

Sony a7RII continues to rack up the Awards. It’s just been named DP Review’s 2015 “Best Camera Over $2,000”

“The Sony a7R II wins this group for many reasons: it is arguably the most innovative, most improved, and houses the most features of any camera in this category. 399 PDAF points offer the largest frame coverage and truly challenge full-frame DSLR AF. We were in disbelief at the incredibly high AF hit rates we observed across multiple shoots, so we baselined the system against DSLRs in a slew of continuous AF tests to find that, sure enough, the a7R II challenges some of the best DSLRs, even in low light. Continuous Eye AF is a boon for candids of even moving subjects, and better-than-DSLR AF accuracy ensures critical focus for shallow depth-of-field applications. Many of these AF benefits disruptively carry over to 3rd party lenses when using electronic adapters, an industry first.”DP Review

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3 thoughts on “Sony a7R II named DP Review ‘Best Camera Over $2,000’”

  1. Hi Brian, your work is very inspiring. From all your valuable information, I ended up purchasing the Sony a7RII and really love it. But, recently I was on an assignment and was shooting tethered to my iMac via Capture One. In the transfer process, my USB cable got disconnected and I lost some important images. I noticed that the photos did not record to my SD card, is there a way to shoot tethered and have images stored to SD card to avoid any future disasters?

  2. Hi Brian! Thank you so much for the help the other day; I followed your advise, and got myself the A7II and the 90mm macro.
    You were right, the lens is great, I’m loving it so far!

    But now, I was looking for a decent (nothing too expensive at this point) macro flash to add to my kit. For this particular hot shoe and lens what would you recommend? How important is TTL?

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