Sony a7RII + Alpha Universe Launch Party at Unique Photo this Wednesday!

Join me for the Sony a7RII + Alpha Universe Launch Party this Wednesday, August 5th at Unique Photo. If you can’t make it to the event – you can Watch it LIVE! Join the chat to get your questions answered by Sony Pros in real time from 6:30-8:30pm Eastern Time.


Click to RSVP to Attend or Watch LIVE!

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6 thoughts on “Sony a7RII + Alpha Universe Launch Party at Unique Photo this Wednesday!”

  1. What a GREAT SURPRISE Brian, great to have you (finally!) back in the Northeast!! I heard that there would be at least three Sony Artisans @ Unique today but you weren’t mentioned when someone told me about the event two weeks ago; THANK YOU for all the wonderful advice you gave last fall during a NY visit, it totally changed how I work; can’t wait to see you demonstrate the A7RII this evening!!

  2. Hi Brian, thank for your help yesterday at Unique Photo, I was watching the Live web cast. I was the person asking those 12 & 14 Bit in single & continuous shooting mode and I agree in shooting on single and pressing the shutter button many times, but look forward in comparing the 12 & 14 bit side by side.

    Also I have read that with the A7rII and the LA-AE3 adapter with e Sony 70-400 G!! and the user said that slow focusing and lower contrast than his A99 (not sure why he said lower contrast) but I will report back if your are interested knowing other than the Sony 500 mm this is the longest lens/zoom for the A7rII.

    I hope to test this this weekend and really appreciate your efforts and help with the Sony and sold all of my $35K Canon EQ.


    1. Hello again Christopher. I’m working on a post for next week regarding focus performance of A-Mount lenses on a7RII, but I’d disagree with both of those statements. First, the Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G II focus is very crisp on a7RII when using a Sony LA-EA3 Lens Adapter. Second, LA-EA3 does not reduce image quality degradation nor lower contrast. In fact if anything, the opposite is true. Unlike Sony A-Mount SLT cameras, the LA-EA3 does not have a translucent mirror.

  3. Thanks Brian, well the shipper of my A7rII has lost my camera and not sure when if at all it will be found, so looking forward in your findings. I would agree that the LA-EA3 adapter would not effect the contrast as I think the LA-EA4 might due to that mirror so I sold it for the LA-EA3 which was with the A7rII. I hope the AF speed is close to the A77MII but I don’t think it will be all that close ?

    Also I asked if you have noticed that with the Sony 90 mm Macro on the A7rII if it is set to AF-C and focusing at F/9-F/16 it will cause the focus to go in-out in-out many times ( I am thinking it’s the Sony focusing way it focuses on the sensor with the A7II, but when I set it to AF-S and at the same F/9-F/16 it works great and very fast and without the in-out focusing even low contrast. I think it’s the way on the AF-S and how it uses either the Phase Detection changes from the 2 focusing modes?


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