Sony a7R IV, a7R III & a7 III Updates Improve My Menu & add External Flash Set Functions

Published: December 17, 2019

Sony a7R IV, a7R III & a7 III Updates

Sony a7R IV Update 1.10 enable “My Menu” to save or load custom camera settings & adds External Flash Set function. Sony a7R III a7R III Update 3.10 add External Flash Set function.

Benefits and Improvements

• Enables use of “My Menu” to save or load custom camera settings (a7R IV only)

• Adds the “External Flash Set” function:
This function allows you to configure the settings of an attached flash or wireless radio commander (both sold separately) directly from the camera.

Compatible Models:
HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash (with flash firmware version 2.00 or later)
HVL-F45RM Wireless Radio Flash (with flash firmware version 2.00 or later)
FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander

Note: The functionality will be enabled after the upcoming wireless radio commander firmware version.

• Improves the overall stability of the camera

Release Date


Previous Benefits and Improvements

[All Previous Benefits and Improvements are also included in this Update]

Download Links:

a7R IV FW 1.10 for MAC | WIN
a7R III FW 3.10 for MAC | WIN
a7 III FW 3.10 for MAC | WIN


The latest Sony Firmware Updates are only compatible with Mac OS 10.13 – 10.15

You must first run UpdateSettingTool and follow the prompts to run it.

1. Make sure the camera’s USB Connection is set to Mass Storage

2. WITHOUT CONNECTING THE CAMERA, Click on UpdateSettingTool.

3. Once you see this message, connect the camera.

4. When the above message goes away, click on the Resources Folder, click on “SystemSoftwareUpdater” and follow prompts to begin the firmware update.

Before Updating Firmware Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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30 thoughts on “Sony a7R IV, a7R III & a7 III Updates Improve My Menu & add External Flash Set Functions”

  1. Thank you Sony for implementing the mymenu save function but….

    A fellow photographer recently upgraded from a A7R2 to a A7R4. For professional product photography (and tethering) Capture One is “the” software to use. Now capture one does not support live view with the A7R4 via USB-C. You need a second cable… Phase one wrote me there is little they can do about that as it is a Sony Problem. Sony says it’s a Capture One problem…

    The A7R4 is as professional as can be and Imaging Edge is far from CO20.
    They didn’t fix this in this firmware.

    I also do not understand (A7R3) why they do not implement the color focus point. As a pro photographer and IT engineer I know that this is easy to implement in the firmware. It is actually already there. When you focus using the touch screen the focus point becomes very visible. So for me the workaround is to look through the viewfinder (and bigger hoodman eye piece) and focus using my thumb. Why doesn’t Sony implement this? I will not upgrade because I do not need 61MP, or live view that is not working in Capture One.(USB-C)
    I need a focus point that is visible. I will wait for the A7R5 when it finally has a flipscreen movable in all directions. But Sony really can’t stop supporting Capture One sofwtare.

    1. In this instance, it’s pretty simple to assign blame.
      If the latest Imaging Edge Remote cannot support Live View – it’s a hardware issue.
      If it does – but Capture One Pro cannot – it’s a Capture One issue.
      Simple as that.

  2. To me there is nothing more important than having the ability to change the focus square to green. If that ever comes into a firmware update I’ll be thrilled.

    1. Green is the color used for Focus Confirmation. It would be confusing to use the same color for Focus Selection.

  3. Where and how can I put “load custom camera settings” in the “My Menu” on my a7III after the update? I can’t find that out.

  4. True. My mistake. How about orange, yellow, white or anything other than the grayish color they have now? I have read this feature was added to the A7RIV and A9II. I just need some color that stands out because I shoot in dark nightclubs and I have trouble finding that square.

    1. Correct. Focus Point color selection (Red or White) is a new feature added to the latest cameras including a7R IV & a9 II.

  5. Allan Imbraguglio


    You’re a great resource. Just curious, do you work for Sony or get your equipment free from them.

  6. Can’t find anywhere online where it describes what “Enables use of “My Menu” to save or load custom camera settings (a7R IV only)” means. You can already save some items to My Menu. So what specific items can you now save to My Menu that you couldn’t before? Have always hoped that when setting the custom modes on top of camera 1, 2 or 3 that you could always save all custom camera settings to those custom modes as well, but assuming this new feature isn’t that?

    1. This feature first found on a9 II, allows you to download settings to a card and save to My Menu. Very handy for those with multiple cameras.

    2. I’m one of the original five Sony Artisans of Imagery. I’m not compensated to post news or reviews on this website, but I do get paid for my time when I speak at trade shows for Sony.

  7. I just want to say you thank you coz I found it very helpful. Flash firmware version 2:00 is compatible with my device

  8. Hi Brian. Many thanks for all news.
    But why “My Menù” is available only for A7RIV?
    I’m a lucky owner (I think so…) of A7III and I’ve been waiting this update for a long time. I need to save or load a lot of custom camera settings and I think current way to do it (save ONLY 4 settings in a memory card) isn’t a good way. Save many settings in camera (also 10-15-20 settings) would be very simple with a firmware update but Sony, maybe, don’t think so or maybe they think that who don’t buy a €4.000 camera must not have this.
    But I’m the only one that need to save more than 4 settings?

  9. Brian, do you know if I upgrade my A7R4 1.10 did they fix the wifi tethering? Above someone mentioned if you upgraded that live view will not work with the cable. I have a shoot coming up 1/09 where I specifically need tethering for fast transfer. I don’t need live view. Currently the 1.0 firmware transfer my 61mp in 7 seconds via USB-C Gen 2 cable. I want to upgrade fw but afraid it may ruin it for my shoot. FYI, I currently import with cable with Capture One 12 and then have LR auto import. I have only 15 min with a client and shoot about 15 headshots in a row. So the tether helps my work flow. I’ve asked Sony Tech Reps but it takes a while for them to get back to me.

    1. BTW, I’m on Mac OSX 10.14.6 Mojave. Purposefully have not upgraded to Catalina as the tech rep told me not too.

        1. First off, thank you for responding! Really appreciate it and hope you had a Merry Christmas yesterday. Wow!!! Hardware related…ohhh that’s not good news.

          Brian…thanks for all the great info you have on your site…such a blessing!

  10. Firmware Upgrade Flash v.2-0.OSMac Cat 10.15.2 worked file to upgrade A73 and A73R but not the F60RM flash. Tried 2 MAC she config, guess it is a hardware compatibility issue.

  11. Shooting in JPG Vivid with 0 0 +3 Sharpness on the A73 is how to do it. This way you can get the 4.0x zoom with Super35mm. No matter what you do you cannot get those colors and zoom sharpness if you do not set it up like this at the camera-level. Just because you can do RAW doesn’t mean it’s the best viable option.

  12. Hi, Brian. Finally getting around to playing with this. After updating HVL-F45RM and HVL-F60RM they both work great with this new menu item. The FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander, however, shows as not being supported, and I don’t see a firmware update for this. Any insights?

    1. Oh, just noticed your footnote regarding upcoming wireless radio commander firmware version. Nevermind.

      1. Yes, it certainly would be better if the updates were released together. Sony is generally good about that. Just not this time.

  13. Anthony Weaver

    Any updates coming for A7R4? Nothing but crickets since 1.10 and I still believe they have some focusing issues to address. At least, I hope they address.

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