Sony a7R III Pixel Shift Adds Over One Stop Dynamic Range Increase!


Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG DN Art Lens Specs

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Sony Releases E 16-50mm PZ OSS Lens Firmware Update Ver. 02

Sony Releases E 16-50mm PZ OSS Lens Firmware Update Ver. 02 for improved AF performance Download for WIN | MAC (Mac version is compatible with

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5 thoughts on “Sony a7R III Pixel Shift Adds Over One Stop Dynamic Range Increase!”

  1. Hey Brian, Chris in Tampa here. I’ve followed your blog for years after buying my first a7 and a7s. Now I’m traveling the world shooting with the a7r2/s2 and I want to move to the a7r3, but a missing feature is keeping me from hitting buy. What’s the deal with the play memories apps? I know they were a headache on Sony’s end (mostly the fault of their poor app store), but a few were very useful. Since pixel shift needs the goofy software to stitch the images together, are there any plans to add similar functionality with smooth reflections, sky HDR and maybe focus stacking? Thanks for the time.

    1. It’s kind of ironic. I never received a single positive comment about Sony Camera Apps before Sony deleted them from a9 & a7R III.

      I get the feeling Sony might have a plan to bring them back in a better form (that doesn’t require using the Play Memories Store which is not available in many countries.)

      But that’s honestly just a guess (not inside information) and it’s based on cryptic answers I’ve received when I’ve asked what’s going on with camera apps.

  2. LOL!! Consider this comment number two! I cursed the App store every time I used it, but was particularly impressed by the water smoothing app. Can’t believe they left it at the curb in the 7r3 and I am truly disappointed I won’t have it in my new 7r3. All the upgrades and they leave out such a useful capability? Love to know why. What are they thinking?

  3. I’m another one who would already have pre-ordered the A7Riii but hate the thought of carrying a separate intervalometer—even the cheapest Lumix has it in firmware. I never complained about any of the apps by the way and found many of them quite useful. I hope your gut feeling is correct Brian and that they will return, but until that time I’m sticking with the A7Rii.

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