Sony a7 IV Firmware 1.10 adds Lossless RAW File Options, Improved Accuracy & Operability

UPDATE: This update was suspended on August 24, 2022, because some products could not operate properly after the update to Ver.1.10. The update has resumed with countermeasures on September 8, 2022. We apologize for your inconvenience. In case you have already updated to Ver.1.10, if you can set RAW File Type to Lossless Compression (L), the issue will not appear. (Added on September 8, 2022)


Sony a7 IV Firmware Update 1.10 adds Lossless RAW File Options, Improved Accuracy & Operability and this firmware is finally available via SD Card!!! Please note that if you need to first update to Firmware 1.05 before running the Firmware 1.10 Update. See Below.

SAN DIEGO, CA – August 23, 2022 – Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the v1.1 firmware update for the Alpha 7 IV full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, adding Lossless Compressed RAW in three sizes for still images, shutter speed and ISO setting retention, touch shutter function, improved Eye AF (autofocus) accuracy and more. ​ ​

The update adds Lossless Compressed RAW files in S, M and L (small, medium or large) file sizes – a highly requested feature. Selecting L size preserves the same image quality as an uncompressed RAW format while significantly reducing the file size. The M and S sizes record fewer pixels than the L size, providing even smaller RAW file sizes.

Alpha 7 IV firmware 1.10 allows photographers to retain shutter speed and ISO settings for flash photography. This newest update also offers a Touch Shutter Function and improves the accuracy of the Eye AF feature.

Benefits and Improvements

• Allows you to select M and S sizes in addition to L when using the RAW recording lossless compression method
• The shutter speed and ISO sensitivity settings dedicated for flash photography can be retained
• Adds the Touch Shutter function
• Improves the accuracy of the Eye AF feature
• The camera’s serial number can be recorded in the metadata in the movie files
• Improves operability of Wi-Fi connections
• Adds a 1 minute setting to the Power Save by Monitor menu
• Fixes an issue where the viewfinder display may not be brightened according to the ambient brightness
• Improves the operational stability of the camera
Note: Refer to the Help Guide for details on all updated functions.

Previous Benefits and Improvements

The following benefits and improvements are also included in this update:
• Improves the accuracy of the Eye AF feature
• Fixes an issue where you may not be able to take photos when using a SEL2860 lens
• Improves the operational stability of the camera

File Name


Release Date


Download Links:

When updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier, you need to update to Ver.1.05 before proceeding with the Ver.1.10 update.
• If you try to update this version without updating to Ver.1.05, an error will occur and you will not be able to update.
• Follow the instructions below to check the system software version.
Note: If the Date/Time setting screen appears when you turn on your camera, be sure to set the date and time to the correct values.
• On the camera, select Menu.
• Select Setup → Setup Option → Version.
• If it is already Ver.1.05 or later, please update to the latest system software version.

Firmware Update 1.05 (For a7 IV cameras running Ver. 1.01 or earlier)
Firmware Update 1.10 (For a7 IV cameras running Ver. 1.05)

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3 thoughts on “Sony a7 IV Firmware 1.10 adds Lossless RAW File Options, Improved Accuracy & Operability”

  1. Used FujiFilm long ago and loved how easy it was to update firmware via SD cards. Switching to Sony has been a blessing in almost everyway except updates. It always such a process following all the detail instructions and still running into issues or sometimes incompatible if on a beta version of macOS etc. And if you run into issues and ask for help people will say its easy or work perfectly if you follow instructions etc. Think its clear updating should be much easier. So while I’m excited about this, unfortunate coming to this device first and not the A1. Like how all the great new features of the A7 such as the Streaming Mode feature and such still haven’t come in an update to the A1. A1 is clearly more powerful and can handle it, so now as so much time as passed, worried they are going to hold off those features for an A2. Hopefully those features and this SD card update feature is coming to A1.

    1. supachat Varongsurat

      I can’t open RAW file medium size with photoshop or LR !
      Do you know how to solve this problem ?
      I updated the lastest version of PS? LR.

      1. The current version of Lightroom Classic 11.5 and Adobe Camera Raw 14.5 were released August 17, 2022.
        Sony a7 IV firmware update 1.10 which adds S, M & L Raw was released a week later on August 24, 2022.
        Raw support for a7 IV Small & Medium Raw should be in the next update of Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw.

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