Real-world test: Sony a6000 goes surfing with Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard Sony a6000 surf photography

DPR Editor Barney Britton gets a lesson in surf photography from pro surf and adventure photographer Sony Artisan Chris Burkard as they put the Sony a6000 hybrid AF system to the test on the California coast. Watch how the a6000 keeps up in the latest of our real-world 60p video tests. See what the camera can capture when you add sun, sand and surf. Watch it to learn what a “gnarly meter” is…

Gear List:

Sony A6000 camera (Order from B&H Photo)
Sony 16-70mm f/4 lens Order from B&H Photo)
Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS lens (Order from B&H Photo)
Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G II (Order from B&H Photo)
Sony LA-EA4 Lens Mount Adapter (Order from B&H Photo)
Waterproof Housing Case For Sony A6000 (Order from eBay | Amazon)

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1 thought on “Real-world test: Sony a6000 goes surfing with Chris Burkard”

  1. More proof this is just a Stupid Great little camera. I did another aerial shoot yesterday, and those Sony lenses come close/match the detail I got with the old Hasselbald “V” camera/lenses. I use an a7ii also, but bought a6000 #2, because shooting 11fps burst of my daughter and her golf team-mates is going to take a tole eventually. I think I just sold another person on the Sony system. I arrived at a commercial shoot and the subject wanted to talk about what Nikon he should buy. He was amused and shocked at the “size of my equipment” and that it was not Nikon or Canon. I told him I dipped my toe in the Sony system in February 2015 and by March I found my Nikons collecting dust and by July they felt obsolete. Sort of like picking up a Speedgraphic in 1971 after using a Nikon F for few years. (I’m not that old my professor was from that time though) but that is the perspective on this advance Sony has made.

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