Sigma Releases MC-11 Firmware Update 1.25

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5 thoughts on “Sigma Releases MC-11 Firmware Update 1.25”

  1. Why isn’t a similar firmware available for Sigma’s “native” Sony mount 135mm f1.8 lens? Isn’t MC-11 equivalent built-in in that lens?

    1. The native Sigma FE doesn’t need it. The update is aimed at improving the adapted lens. Even if Sigma tries to fool you by calling it a “Mount Converter”, MC-11 is an adapter.

  2. Been using the MC-11 on a A7RIII | Canon 400 f2.8L Mark I combo for about 4 months. I am getting mixed results. I have the latest firmware on both. My question is… I have read that the MC-11 is capable a much better results on Sigma EF glass and AF-C is nearly native on the newer Sigma lenses (Art and Sport). I’ve read that when the MC-11 is connected to Canon glass it operates in LA-EA3 mode and the frame rate drops as does the AF-C performance. So is that a restriction that Sigma is placing on the MC-11 or something Sony is doing?

    1. Ever speak in a foreign language country where half the people speak your language and the other half listen through a translator?

      The jokes get delayed laughs from half the crowd.

      Kinda like that.

      But even Sigma admits that MC-11 adapted Sigma EF lenses are NOT the same as native glass.

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