Shoten CRF-SE II Helicoid E-Mount Adapters for Contax C & Nikon S Lenses

Shorten announces CRF-SE II E-Mount adapters for Contax C and Nikon S mount lenses with an 8mm helicoid featuring solid-brass construction for durability, rigidity.

CRF-SE II (C) / inner nail: old Contax C · Nikon S mount lens outer claw: old Contax C mount lens → Sony E-mount

CRF-SE II (S) / inner claw: old Contax C · Nikon S mount lens outer claw: Nikon S mount lens → Sony E-mount

Both adapters feature 8mm helicoid extension for added close-focus capability.

Manufacturer’s suggested list price ¥ 35,000 (excluding tax). Purchase link coming soon…

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