Save the USA Sales Tax with B&H Photo Payboo Card

Booyah! Save the USA Sales Tax on Photo Gear and More with B&H Photo Payboo Card!

Nearly one year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that out-of-state retailers must collect sales tax on internet sales. Let’s face it, nobody likes to pay sales tax, and now B&H Photo has a solution!

B&H Payboo is a rewards credit card that instantly rebates US sales tax on purchases from B&H Photo! Now you can buy your photo gear (and everything else B&H Photo sells) tax-free throughout the United States! Yup, that means even in New York & New Jersey!

The card is for individuals only. Not for businesses.


What is the B&H Payboo Credit Card?

B&H offers customers the Payboo Card credit card through Synchrony Bank with a revolving credit limit for any B&H purchases made online, in-store, or by phone.

What are the B&H Payboo Credit Card benefits?

B&H issues instant Payboo Card Savings on all non-tax-exempt purchases shipped to eligible states paid for with the Payboo Card in the form of a reward concurrently issued and redeemed directly on your order during checkout.

How does the Payboo Card benefit really work?

When you pay for B&H purchases with the Payboo Credit Card, B&H will charge the total of merchandise plus applicable fees and taxes; but we instantly issue and apply a reward on orders made in our SuperStore or shipped to eligible states right in checkout as a form of customer payment. Then, the amount charged to the Payboo Card is net of the benefit applied.

Even in New York & New Jersey?


Am I paying sales tax on my purchase? Do I need to submit anything in my tax filings?

B&H will collect and remit state sales tax in accordance with state sales tax laws and regulations. So, customers do pay required sales tax and do not need to keep track or file anything separately.

Is there any limit or cap on the total amount of Payboo Card savings?

No. B&H will issue Payboo Card Savings rewards without any upper limit.

Where can I use the Payboo Card?

The card may be used to pay on our websites, on our mobile app, in our NYC SuperStore, or by phone. Payboo is only available for use at B&H (i.e. it is not a Visa, MC, Amex, DC, etc).

Is the Payboo Card valid for purchases on B&H B2B and/or EDU Portals?

While Payboo is a personal credit card and not a corporate or business card, it can be used to pay for orders via our B&H B2B and EDU portals.

Who can apply for / use the B&H Payboo Card?

Individuals with a U.S. billing addresses and a valid SSN/ITIN may apply. Cardholders are subject to credit approval. Anyone with permission may use the card.


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