Save on Voigtlander Ultra Wide Angle Aspherical Fullframe E-Mount Lenses

Published: April 23, 2019

Limited Time Savings on a pair of ultra-wide Voigtlander manual focus fullframe E-mount lenses that have been very popular with our readers. The Voigtlander Heliar-Hyper Wide 10mm f/5.6 Aspherical is a personal favorite of mine. It’s extremely sharp with virtually no distortion which is pretty darn amazing for a 10mm fullframe lens!

Voigtlander Heliar-Hyper Wide 10mm f/5.6 Aspherical Lens for Sony E
List Price: $1,099.00 | Save: $150.00 | Price After Savings: $949.00 (Order from B&H Photo | Amazon)

Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III Fullframe E-Mount Lens
List Price: $999 | Instant Savings: $100 | Price After Savings $899 (Order from B&H Photo)

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1 thought on “Save on Voigtlander Ultra Wide Angle Aspherical Fullframe E-Mount Lenses”

  1. I like the ultrawide lenses! This is a good deal. I first got the the old 12mm that you can put filters on, then when the 10mm came out I got it. Believe it or not used mainly for Milky Way capture. Yes the 10mm for 500 rule you can shoot 50 seconds and yes some star trailing (very little) BUT newer NPF rule for A7S Accurate 21.11 sec. and default 42 sec.. More time more light makes up f/5.6. I also have the 14mm f/1.8 and Accurate is 10.45 sec and default is 20.89 sec.. The 10mm and 12mm work great at night, a MW will go on forever and you can stand in front of a barn (it will be small also). I call the 10mm the Panorama lens without doing the pano gear setup. For those of the film days these lenses are real small my 12mm’s and 14mm’s are huge and heavy. Yes a filter holder is needed BUT with the new STC clip in filters the holder expense is a mute subject so you can do that waterfall with the right filter also. Yes things are further away but you put your prime subject close with a large background and everything is in focus near and far, just keep level. Have fun!!!

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