Requiem for a Burlesque Legend RIP Tempest Storm

Burlesque Legend Tempest Storm
Burlesque Legend Tempest Storm photographed at Exotic World, Helendale, California 1993

I first met Tempest Storm though our mutual friend Dixie Evans. We had photographed Dixie at her Helendale, California ‘Exotic World’ ranch in early 1993. After the shoot, I began looking at the rows of publicity photos by ‘Bruno of Hollywood’ and was struck by how much they looked like the great Hollywood photos of the 30s and 40s.

I realized I had a chance to put the burlesque legends back into the spotlight where they belonged. Like Jazz, Burlesque is a pure American art form. It’s a piece of Americana that should’t fade away.

We returned to Helendale a couple months later to shoot our first Burlesque Reunion. My wife and I met Tempest Storm when we were checking into our hotel and we quickly became friends. I always looked forward to catching up with Tempest at the reunions or whenever our paths crossed..

Tempest could be a bit intense and many of the younger dancer were intimidated by her, yet she always greeted us with a hug. This know doubt made younger dancers look at us and wonder what planet we were from.

We were backstage in Vegas years later when she slipped and broke a hip. It was nothing more than a blip. Tempest was back on the stage where she belonged as soon as her hip was healed. I encouraged my friends in Vegas to see her while they could.

We’ll miss you Tempest!

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    1. Indeed. Tempest was always a delight! I could say the same about every dancer we photographed.

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