Redrock RetroFlex Rig Gives Sony Mirrorless a Bolex Look


Ever wish you could rock a Bolex look straight out of ‘Blow-up’?

Redrock Micro retroFlex-S Stylized Rig for Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera (Order Here for $545) gives your Sony a5000, a5100 or NEX-3 mirrorless camera old school style with the latest camera technology. RetroFlex-S evokes a retro style of filmmaking, when it was all about the film, and production was stylish.

Now with the modern flexibility of digital filmmaking, a modular cage system, and expandable rig, the Retroflex rig makes shooting both a nostalgic joy and a modern technical delight.

The retroFlex-S is a great way to shoot handheld, street, or event footage with your Sony alpha mirrorless camera. RetroFlex-S includes a form-fitting camera cage, a professional handgrip with integrated start/stop button, and a huge bright viewfinder for comfortable shooting even in mid-day sun.

The retroFlex-S also works great as Director’s Viewfinder that’s perfect for location scouting and setting up your shot.

It’s more than just one rig: the viewfinder and handgrip are easily removed, and the cage can be used as a standalone or the foundation of a more sphisticated rig. The retroFlex-S is compatible with Sony a5000, a5100 and NEX-3

Redrock Micro RetroFlex-S Stylized Rig for Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera (Order Here for $545)

Redrock Micro retroFlex-S Features:

  • Ideal ergonomics for street, events, and lifestyle video.
  • The cage protects the camera and adds mounting points and cold shoe options.
  • Detachable handgrip with convenient built-in run/stop button.
  • Bright viewfinder aids in outdoor viewing, easily attached and removed with built-in magnetic seal.

    Source: Redrock Micro


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