Profoto Introduces C1 & C1 Plus Studio Lights for Smartphones

Profoto C1 C1 Plus Studio Lights

Profoto announced a pair of smartphone LED lights that allow you shoot with the look of studio lighting on your smartphone: Profoto C1 ($299) & Profoto C1 Plus ($499). Profoto C1 Plus can also be used with cameras by using Profoto AirTTL Remotes.

The new C1 and C1 Plus are high quality, handheld flash and continuous light units that sync perfectly with your smartphone! This new flash can create professional images with a cell phone in just a click. Not only can you trigger the light from your iPhone but you can trigger your iPhone camera from the C1 or C1 Plus.

Bring the C1 or C1 Plus anywhere, as it is lightweight and designed to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket. Need to go hands-free? Put it on a stand or arm with the built-in thread mount.

The round shape, mimicing the sun, creates a soft fall-off. Built in reflectors and diffusers create natural shadows.

Be as creative as you can be! The color temperature is adjustable inside the Profoto Camera app, allowing you to either match the light conditions from dusk to dawn or play creatively with contrasting temperatures. Within the app, you can choose between a natural or dramatic look. Then it’s just point and shoot. Unsure how the light and shadows work together? Use the continuous light!


• Pocket-sized and designed for your palm
• Trigger flash from Profoto Camera app
• Trigger iPhone camera from built-in button
• Over 2000 full power flashes per full charge
• Round shape with a soft fall-off gives a beautiful light
• Inner reflectors placed under two levels of diffusing glass evenly mix the light to create natural shadows
• Choose between automatic mode for point-and-shoot and manual mode for full freedom
• Adjustable power levels from natural to dramatic effect
• Choose between flash and flicker-free continuous light

Technical Specifications

• With a color rendering index >90, it produces colors very close to daylight
• Multiple LEDs mixing seamlessly to mimic daylight color temperatures from 3000K – 6500K
• Standard 1/4” – 20 thread for stand mount
• Built-in rechargable Li-Polymer battery pack
• USB-C charging – 2 hours to full power
• Compatible with iPhone 7 or later

Differences between the Profoto C1 and C1 Plus

Profoto C1

Profoto C1 (Pre-order here $299)

• 4 warm and 3 cool LEDs
• Max 1000 lumens continuous light
• Over 30 minutes of continuous light at full power in one charge

Profoto C1 Plus

Profoto C1 Plus (Pre-order here $499)

• 10 warm and 10 cool LEDs
• Max 4300 lumens
• Over 40 minutes of continuous light at full power in one charge
• Compatible with light shaping tools like Clic Gels, Grids and Domes
• Compatible with all Profoto AirTTL Remotes

Profoto Clic Light Shaping Tools

Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images. Profoto Clic light shaping tools add great creative possibilities to:

• Profoto C1 Plus
• Profoto A1X
• Profoto A1

Profoto Clic Gels

Profoto Clic Gels ($49 each)

• Available in 7 different creative colors
• Color correct with 5 different colors
• Easy click-on magnetic mount
• Stackable with other compatible light shaping tools.

Profoto Clic Grid

Profoto Clic Grids ($49 each)

• Available in 10 or 20 degree grid
• Reduces light spread and controls stray light
• Adds contrast and drama
• Easy click-on magnetic mount
• Stackable with other compatible light shaping tools.

Profoto Clic Dome

Profoto Clic Dome ($49)

• Diffuses the light for a soft effect
• Creates a smooth and natural fall-off
• Easy click-on magnetic mount
• Stackable with other compatible light shaping tools.

They are also available in two different kits:

Profoto Clic Creative Gel Kit

Profoto Clic Creative Gel Kit ($129) • Rose Pink • Yellow • Peacock Blue

Profoto Clic Gel & Grid Kit ($129) • Grid 20 degree • Gel Full CTO • Gel Half CTO

Profoto Camera App

Profoto Camera App

Profoto Camera is a professional smartphone camera app. Used together with Profoto’s smartphone enabled studio lights, it creates professional images with just a simple click.

With auto mode switched on, It’s basically point-and-shoot. Automatic exposure and flash power is calculated for you based on the surrounding conditions. For even more creative alternatives you can easily go between natural and dramatic images with a swipe of your finger.

Switch it over to manual mode and get full control and freedom over power, exposure and color temperature.

Video Tutorials

Watch short smartphone photography tutorials right inside Profoto Camera to learn even more about playing with light. Tutorials cover a range of topics, including portrait, selfie, and flat-lay lighting.

Easy updates and Smart remote control

Update your Profoto smartphoto enabled studio light over the air with Profoto Camera, to always be ready to shoot with the latest improved firmare. From the app, you can even control your light remotely when shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.


• Point and shoot with automatic exposure and flash power based on the surrounding conditions
• Go between natural and dramatic images with a swipe of your finger
• Manual mode for full control over power and exposure
• Adjust color temperature from warm to cool (3000-6500K)
• Portrait mode to add bokeh to the background
• Use your wide angle, zoom, or selfie lens
• Use up to 3 lights at the same time
• Tutorials accessible right inside the app
• View your images in the iPhone library and instantly share them to social media apps
• Control your light remotely when shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera
• Wireless updates of your Profoto devices


• Operating systems: iPhone 7 or later running on iOS 11 or later
• Supported products: Profoto C1 Plus, C1, B10 Plus, B10
• Updates and remote control functions also support Profoto Connect.
• Connection: Bluetooth

Profoto C1, C1 Plus


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6 thoughts on “Profoto Introduces C1 & C1 Plus Studio Lights for Smartphones”

  1. Looks small and nice and a plus is that it works with the Connect as well.
    Kind of expensive though, esp. the C1Plus. On the other hand, ProFoto makes great stuff.

  2. The functionality works via some sort of Bluetooth ‘sync’ with the Profoto app (which Profoto is now branding Profoto Camera). The important, unanswered question is if the B10 and B10 Plus–both listed as compatible with the Profoto Camera (i.e., iPhone app) on their website–will sync & flash in the same way as the C1 series. This feature was originally marketed as a future upgrade upon the release of the B10 but hasn’t yet come to fruition.

    If they’re able to sync the C1/+, the tech should be inherent to the B10/Plus.

    A more pensive query and perhaps harbinger of caution may be why Profoto wasn’t able to coordinate some sort of promo with Apple at their recent keynote, in which Apple mentioned the word “camera” more than any other noun.

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