Profoto A1X Bonus Deal:
Free Light Shaping Tools

Profoto A1X Free Light Shaping Tools

Buy a Profoto A1X or Profoto A1X Off-Camera Kit and Get a Free Grid Kit, Gel Kit & Wide Lens!

Grab free light shaping tools with Profoto A1X flash or flash kit for a limited time while supplies last!

Profoto A1 A1X Gel Kit

Free Profoto A1/A1X Grid Kit

• Reduces light spread to 10° or 20°
• Controls stray light and adds contrast
• Easily clicks onto the Profoto A1X or A1’s magnetic mount
• Can be stacked onto the Profoto A1X and A1 gels

Profoto A1 A1X Wide Angle Lens

Free Profoto A1/A1X Wide Angle Lens

• Creates a wide light, perfect for group portraits.
• Easily clicks on and off the A1X or A1s magnetic mount.
• Can be stacked with other A1X or A1 modifiers.
• Lightweight and portable.

Profoto A1 A1X Gel Kit

Free Profoto A1/A1X Gel Kit

• Balances color temperature of flash to match ambient light.
• High quality and rigid premium gels.
• Easily clicks on and off the A1X or A1’s magnetic mount.
• Can be stacked with other A1X and A1 modifiers.
• Gels and gel holder stored in a compact hard case.

Limited campaign – valid until light shaping tools are sold out in stores.

Order Profoto A1X from B&H Photo
Order Profoto A1X Off-Camera Kit from B&H Photo

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