Peak Design Takes the Wasted Bulk out of Travel Tripods

Published: May 22, 2019

FINALLY! A travel tripod that’s a match for today’s compact mirrorless cameras. Peak Design’s latest Kickstarter project eliminates the wasted bulk from Travel Tripods without sacrificing any stability or features.

Traditional travel tripods have a critical flaw: tons of wasted space. The result is a tool that is inherently difficult to carry with you into the field. Peak Design fixed that, and more.

Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel ($479) Folded Size: 3.5″ x 15.5″ / Weight: 2.81 lb (1.27 kg)
Gitzo Series 1 Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod ($999) Folded Size: 4.3″ x 16.7″ / Weight: 3.15 lb (1.43 kg)

The compact head design is comes with on quick-release camera plate and is compatible with Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates and L-brackets you may already own.

Peak Design Aluminum Travel Tripod is priced at $349 and the Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod is priced at $599.

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15 thoughts on “Peak Design Takes the Wasted Bulk out of Travel Tripods”

  1. All at an insane price! I love their products but I think they jumped the shark with the price point on this item.

      1. You are correct, Peak Design never aims at the bottom of the price chain, but they never deliver products that compete with truly high-end products. They are just “good looking hipster” products where looks win over true operational functionality.

        Compared to an RSS the PD may seem like a steal, but, based on my past experience with 4 of their products, I seriously doubt it. It will an expensive pretty products that will not be useful when you really need it.

  2. Most Peak Desing products are beautifully designed but flawed. I have own several of their products, starting with the Capture, Everyday messenger bag, the Sling, and the Clutch.

    I bought the Capture when I switched from my D800 to the Sony A7II. Because the Spider Holster I used for my D800 was huge in the A7II when I saw the capture I thought it perfect for mirrorless. The Capture is the most uncomfortable way to carry any camera, except may a pocket camera. It proved to be unusable.

    The Everyday Messanger. I got it thinking that it would make the Capture useful again. It didn’t. The bag is ok but it isn’t better than more inexpensive bags in the market. It does not hold as much equipment than similar size bags. When you add stuff to the outside compartments the main compartment becomes smaller.

    In the everyday backpack, your equipment bounces all over because it fits very loosely. Not safe.

    Now comes the tripod… In paper good idea. Revolutionary, they say… as they claim with each of their products. Well, I’ll wait and see. But based on my experience with their previous products, I doubt it. It looks flimsy. For the moment, I will stick with people with real experience building and using Tripods like RSS.

      1. Guess I’m a Betamax man. I much prefer the instant and convenient security of QR plates to the awkward process of Arca Swiss and wondering if I actually have the darn thing firmly attached in the dark at 40 below.

        1. Awkward process? Are you sure you’re thinking of Arca Swiss? It’s simple and rock solid and unlike Manfrotto, Arca Swiss is compatible with L-Brackets.

        2. I agree, the Arca Swiss is superior. Check Really Right Stuff quick release and you will never again worry about knowing if it is locked.

  3. I love the concept, don’t get me wrong. I have a carbon fibre tripod but it let’s down even with a 10s delay. My concern is vibration (or more correctly vibration dampening) the vertical shaft looks so under dimensioned…yet the ball head looks properly dimensioned – I was just about to pledge and backed out for that concern. There is no mention of it in the blurb on Kickstarter.

  4. I for one loved the design and inovation, really love that it’s just a few seconds to setup and take down, Arca Swiss and their own in same head, just one ring to work with etc etc and also a adaptor plate so one can use ones own head if needed.. Just love it.
    I made an order yesterday, but I went for the aluminums-version as the CF are way to expensive for mw and not saving to many grams. Ok, CF has other qualities but…

  5. Like mostly all photographers, I, have a collection of tripods!!! At the time seemed a step up and better than what I have. My main one for years was the Manfrotto L190 because it was more than half off at a closing camera store BUT I have carried the heavy monster everywhere and it is still great. Then I got into ON1 photo and watched Henry Hudson’s why he quit using a ball head I then modified it with a leveling center post and Video Fluid head (costly). But the best buy then was the Befree Video Fluid head at $245 (AL) both I can not live without for I like the level panning from birding to Milky Way Pano’s and now have Arca-Swiss L-plates (Smallrig) on all 3 Sony cameras. But now the befree has got me hooked on lightweight travel, it will hold a A7 series camera and a Sigma 150-600 with a 2x extender very well (even with center post up) capturing a flower moon (large) over a city some miles away. Now this tripod is SMALL, LIGHT and STURDY.
    I go low price I am a hobbyist not a pro and when I look at what pros are using they are way out of my ball park, so what are you complaining about. I carry my A7M3 and two main lenses SEL1224G and SEL24240 in a sling bag with accessories (no need to carry everything) and the Manfrotto befree. I really rarely have to use a tripod anymore but being longer in the tooth these days than youngsters I carry one and the Smaller and Lighter AND Versatile the better. Have you looked at just the cost of the Novoflex Magicball 50 head or Really Right Stuff heads not counting a tripod. I, like other hobbyist, look at low price (not cheap by any means) and being the most workable for the longest time. So do not cut your nose off to spite your face just add to your collection you keep in a closet and worth more than some of your cameras. Lastly I think it is a good sign almost 11k have backed this so far, with camera sells down because of cell phones it means I have friends out there!!! Like always I buy two for the long time use or working two camera or three when playing, work is for the younger ones!!!
    Please just Stand Up and Cheer a New Idea (You did not have)!!!!!!! There will be more………

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