Patrick Murphy-Racey Shows a6300 Sports Photography Settings

My fellow Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey just posted a great step-by-step video to custom settings for shooting sports action with the new Sony a6300 (shipping March 10). As a long-time Sports Illustrated photographer, Patrick explains how to take full advantage of the A6300’s capabilities, which custom buttons to set and which features to turn off or change.

The new 24MP Sony A6300 allows you to shoot action at 11 fps or 8 fps with no preview lag. AF tracking utilizes 425 PDAF sensors covering almost the entire sensor. The video also shows you how to set the camera to do back button AF rather than with the shutter release, which is the preference for professional sports photographers.

Patrick also posted this video of still images of NCAA Women’s Basketball shot on a6300 using the settings he mentioned in the video above.

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3 thoughts on “Patrick Murphy-Racey Shows a6300 Sports Photography Settings”

  1. Patrick, excellent review. I have also seen your review of the Nikon 300 F4 PF. Would the Sony A6300 and the Nikon 300 PF go well together? Would the Metabones adapter have any impact on auto focus and Frames per second?
    Regards James

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