Novoflex Announces Automatic Bellows for Fullrame Sony E-mount

Novoflex Automatic Bellows for Fullrame Sony E-mount cameras witgh FE 90mm macro

Novoflex BAL-NEX fully automatic bellows ($999) was specially developed for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras and lenses and it transfers all functions between camera and lens. Matching lenses can even be used in a retro position on the bellows unit using an optional reduction ring.

The BAL-NEX automatic bellows unit is, of course, fully integrated into the NOVOFLEX adapter system and can also be used with other lenses for special applications. Bellows extension is the classic way to macro and photomicrography.

It offers automatic bellows functions with all electronic E-mount lenses. But if you’re looking for the best possible picture quality, FLEX-APO-DIGI90 is a high-resolution and apochromatically corrected lens head, which is available as an option. In addition to the excellent image quality, this lens offers a surprisingly large focusing range that extends from magnification 1:1 to infinity.

Even those who prefer to work with manual lenses do not need to forego the NOVOFLEX automatic bellows unit, because, as usual with NOVOFLEX, the automatic bellows fits into the large NOVOFLEX modular system and can be combined with all kinds of NOVOFLEX accessories.

Novoflex BAL-NEX Automatic Bellows for fullframe Sony E-mount cameras

Bellows Functions:

• Stepless extension extension = distance between sensor plane and lens (= image width); thereby a continuous approach to small objects to be able to take pictures of them.

• Telephoto lenses are much closer than their next adjustment distance to focus (without bellows); thereby tele-perspective in the close range and especially large working distance (no disturbance of the object and room for additional lighting).

• With the standard and especially wide-angle lenses (from the camera range) enlarged pictures = macro shots; over 1: 1 to about 7: 1

• On the tripod: an optionally available adjustment slide is used for focusing without moving the bellows extension (= image distance) or the tripod allowing the plane of focus to be relocated, while the magnification remains constant.

Novoflex BAL-NEX Automatic Bellows rear view

Technical Specifications:

Size: h = 103mm, b = 130mm, l = 180mm
Min. Extension: 29mm
Max. Extension: 116mm

Pricing and Availability:

Suggested Retail Price is $999. Order Novoflex BAL-NEX fully automatic bellows from B&H Photo


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13 thoughts on “Novoflex Announces Automatic Bellows for Fullrame Sony E-mount”

  1. Wow, was a long time since I saw something new “must have” for Sony/minolta from them.

    Looks great and they alway deliver high class stuff.
    This one will be on my To buy listas of now.

  2. I have used Novoflex, and trust them. The new bellows is a welcome addition to a photographer/ filmmaker’s kit. Documentarians will find it useful.

  3. Scott A. Berger, M.D.

    I have looked for this item all over including B&H and the Novoflex website, and do not see it for sale or even featured. How can I purchase this?

    1. Not for sale yet. Just an announcement that it’s coming. I’ll update the link when it’s available for pre-order.

  4. Ahhhh. I’ve been looking for Novoflex bellows with Sony. Even without exif data and control. I see an adapter for the e mount body, but not lenses? Ice tried getting them on the line or to respond to email, to no avail.

    1. Without the electronic adapter, you’d have absolutely no aperture control of E-mount lenses, so E-mount lenses didn’t make sense until this.

      1. That would only be true for those e lenses without an aperture ring. My Sony GM lenses BOTH have an aperture ring.

        1. Yes, a number of Sony GM lenses feature aperture rings but they are electronically – not manually controlled. To understand how this works, take the lens off the camera and open and close the aperture ring. You’ll see the aperture doesn’t change. Same happens if a bellows didn’t electronically control the aperture.

  5. Kevin Burton Leek Photo Club

    So good are these Novoflex NEX bellows on my full frame A9 and A7r as well as my legacy Nex6 and 7 that I have finally decided to part with my Minolta Auto bellows iii. They have shift and tilt and rotate easily from landscape to portrait but the simple ease of use of the new Novoflex mean I will not keep both… indeed my not so legacy Novoflex Auto bellows for Minolta AF will be sold too.
    For so long I resisted, because of reviews that suggested Auto Focus was hardly ever used in Macro and practically of no use. DO NOT BELIEVE them, they either are remembering past combinations or just not using these new bellows handle AF a treat. In minutes I was getting a whole range of life size or larger images, pin sharp, handheld ! My only gripe is that the lens and body mounts are not very tall, so some larger diameter lenses I would like to have tried in the reversed position are too large a diameter to fit. Hand held was never really a thing I used with bellows, now it’s easy. And on a tripod or copy stand with a focus rail [anybody’s, even inexpensive 3rd. party ones] is a real treat HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

  6. Kevin Burton Leek Photo Club

    Thank you for the courtesy of a reply, like many I value your opinion and trust your reviews. The issues I am having with the NovoFlex come down to not really appreciating this is titled NEX ! I was seduced by the “full frame” references as of course the E mount and FE mount are usually interchangeable. However, the not so small print in Novoflex states something about for lenses up to 90mm diameter. That is a particular issue for those who only saw “full frame” in the article. Sony’s FE Macro lenses do not appear to be able to be reversed on this bellows or am I missing something here. The brilliant Lester Lefkowitz suggested even dedicated Macro lenses are “improved” in the suitability of the optics for very close Macro when reversed. So it’s a real eye opener with Kit APSc lenses but not with my actual Macro lenses if I wanted to reverse those. The larger and more expensive NovoFlex bellows resolve this and no doubt this more compact version rightly limits the weight and stress placed on it by large lenses… but a great restriction and maybe worth advising anyone seduced by the “full frame” reference ?

    1. Many third-parties are still using NEX to denote E-mount – not simply APS-C E-mount. Novoflex shows both fullframe E-mount cameras and lenses in their press release photos. If this is not fullframe compatible, Novoflex certainly does not make this clear.

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