Sony A7R Shuttershock MythBuster

Here’s a video by MythBusting photographer Davin Lavikka that rather cleverly debunks the entire myth of “Sony A7R shuttershock”.

The Sony A7R is not the quietest camera I’ve ever owned – nor the loudest – yet I have never seen a single example of shuttershock no matter the focal length or shutter speed.

Now the proof is in the glass. Well done Davin, Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “Sony A7R Shuttershock MythBuster”

  1. I can see the surface wiggle in full screen mode (around 1:16). Generally, the shutter shock is measurable (, but effective only within a tiny range of shutter speeds, and mostly with long focal lengths. Resolution (lp/ph) drops at worst to that of the A7, less so when shooting handheld (mass coupling). For most situations not a severe problem, but still not a problem to dismiss. Nevertheless, I really like your images and I don’t care about the issue when looking at them.

  2. With full screen and some enlargement there is a water shake however I do NOT see it as a problem since Hassy H4D is worst.
    I am using on my Gitzo bungee rope. I will step on it or sometimes on sets I will use Manfrotto weight. This eliminate any kind of movement.

  3. Yeah, and my old Pentax 6×7 required either a sand bag or the “heavy hand” resting on the body – both on a tripod. I mean it was terrible between 1/4 and 1/30, then got much better. Focal plane shutter or mirror slap.

    Using my Sony 55 f1.8 and 35 I simply don’t have a problem. Steady hands, probably not. Heavy body, probably.

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