Meyer Optik Brings Back the “Wonder Bokeh” Primoplan 58 f1.9 Lens

Meyer Optik Wonder Bokeh Primoplan 58 f1.9 Lens<

Meyer Optik brings back the “Wonder Bokeh” Primoplan 58 f1.9 Lens ($899) known for its ability to create different bokeh effects all with one lens. This lens gives photographers a tool which truly enables them to express themselves in different ways with this single lens.

They have the choice of creating a bokeh of melting, rotating bubbles, catching light reflections softly or to compose a creamy, dreamlike background. Furthermore, he can employ the unique, discrete swirl of the lens, thus dramatically enhancing a portrait or making use of the wonderful and smooth transitions from fuzziness to classical sharpness.

Built with an optical construction of five lens elements, Primoplan images became famous for their dreamlike diffluence of hazy bubbles in the bokeh, discreetly swirling around the center of the image. The moony bokeh and the soft haze in the background are characteristic. Yet, the object of interest is in astonishing sharpness and thus the viewer’s attention is focused to where the photographer wants it to be. The Primoplan 58mm f/1.9 is the lens that allows you to create images full of creativity without any post production.


The new Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 takes advantage of some of the components of the Trioplan 50. Therefore, we generate economies of scale and are able to make this fantastic offer available to you. The lens is also ultra compact and light weight. It weighs only about 225 g – it is the perfect match with your other lenses, especially your Trioplan lenses. The Primoplan is an enhancement of a Cooke triplet, in which a central dispersion lens is flanked by two groups of lenses, each acting as a converging lens. The rear group consists of a single biconvex converging lens, while the front group consists of three lenses. The field lens is slightly plano-convex, and is followed by another converging lens comprising two parts cemented together to form a slight meniscus (curve). This five-lens construction is renowned for its melting bubbles swirling in the background as well as its creamy and downright dreamy bokeh


Order Meyer Optik Primoplan 58 f1.9 Lens from B&H Photo

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7 thoughts on “Meyer Optik Brings Back the “Wonder Bokeh” Primoplan 58 f1.9 Lens”

  1. Hi Brian, need your advise on whether the Leica M mount version of this lens works well with a helicoid adapter on Sony E-mount bodies to reduce the minimum focus distance? Thank you.

    1. That’s actually a really clever idea! I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t.

      You don’t have to choose yet. Kickstarter buyers will be asked what mount they want closer to release date.

      1. Thank you, Brian.

        I notice in Voigtlander lenses, they have different minimum focusing distance whereby their E-mount version has a shorter min focus than their VM-mount version. That is why I am sort of stuck here without knowing whether the Meyer-Optik have the same or different min focus among different mounts.

        I supported the Kickstarter project for this lens. Hopefully we will have more detail info soon.

        1. Easy question for the seller. Minimum focus distance “should” be the same. Voightlander is an exception to the rule as their E-mount lenses are redesigned slightly from M-mount – not merely lengthened.

  2. My concern here is actually the different bokeh control rather than the minimum focus distance. I worry that helicoid extension would have any ill effect against the bokeh control.

    1. No more so than the difference in focusing from infinity down to minimum focus distance. It might actually enhance Bokeh since Bokeh is more pleasing on out-of-focus backgrounds than foregrounds…

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