Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 75mm F0.95 Nocturnus Fullframe E-Mount Lens Available on Kickstarter


Say hello to the ultimate lens for shallow depth-of-field portraits. The world’s fastest 75mm prime Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 75mm F0.95 Nocturnus fullframe E-mount lens is available for pre-sale now on Kickstarter for half off the list price.

Estimated delivery date: April 2019.
USA Pre-Release Price is $1999 until May 26, 2018
EU Pre-Release Price is 1999 EUR until May 26, 2018
US/World Wide Pricing is net including Value Added Tax in EU.
Free Worldwide Shipping included.

Like all Meyer-Optik lenses, the Nocturnus 75/f0.95 will be handmade in Hamburg, Germany.

Press Text:

The Nocturnus 75/f0.95 gives photographers with mirrorless cameras (Sony E, Fuji X, Leica M/Leica TL) a great deal of creative freedom when the progression from sharpness to blur is used well. With its focal length of 75 mm it is the ideal portrait or people photography lens in difficult light conditions.

With its 15 aperture blades it creates an impression that virtually no other lens can achieve: a high degree of sharpness at focal level and a bokeh effect of shapes, colors and circular lights when blurred. The manual lens enables extremely precise focus control, even in low light, which is especially valuable for shots at maximum aperture with a shallow depth of field.

The image gets a special effect of three dimensionality with the subject virtually popping out of the rest of the image and being at the center of awareness of the spectator.

The new Nocturnus 75 comes in the typical Nocturnus design and is manufactured to the Meyer-Optik quality standards. It comes with a matte black or silver finish.

• Sharpness with aperture of f0.95 – 16
• Fastest 75mm lens of the world with 15 aperture blades
• Bokeh characterized by unique shapes, colors and circular lights
• Compatible with Sony-E, Fuji X and Leica M/Leica TL (rangefinder coupling not supported)
• Clickless aperture ring
• Made in Germany
• Tightest tolerances to avoid serial spread

With the first deliveries planned for April 2019, we will start now our discounted pre-sale. Of course, the new will profit from all our experience we have built during the last years. Therefore the new Nocturnus 75 will live up to our Meyer-Optik-Görlitz redefined quality standards.

Like all of our lenses, we also placed great emphasis on the Nocturnus mechanics. You will love its specially selected materials and fine craftsmanship. Like its “little brother” Noctunrus 50 our Nocturnus 75/f0.95 is a tool that photographers can rely on, even in the most difficult of conditions!

At Meyer-Optik a lens is not only a piece of mechanical and optical construction but it is our goal to obtain a fine balance of sharpness, contrast and the unmet Meyer-Optik bokeh characteristics. Therefore we go a long ways in trial sessions and work closely with our reference photographers and get them in touch with our lens designers to to guarantee the optimal balance between all these aspects so that that what you will hold in your hands is a masterpiece and one of its kind. Creating the best lenses means that we want to hit just that sweet spot where the relation between sharpness and characteristic bokeh is at its best and allows you to favor creativity over tech specs.

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