Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 50mm F0.95 Nocturnus II Fullframe E-Mount Lens Ships January 2017


Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 50mm F0.95 Nocturnus II Fullframe E-Mount Lens will begin shipping in January 2017 (Pre-order for $2,999).

This will be the second 50mm F0.95 fullframe E-mount lens. It’s possible this lens is a joint venture with Mitakon with Meyer-Optik Gorlitz providing the quality manufacturing and assembly lacking in Mitakon-produced lenses which hopefully means it’s also considerably sharper than the Mitakon 50mm F/0.95.

The Nocturnus 50mm F0.95 from Meyer Optik Gorlitz was developed especially for the use on full-frame Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. The optical design also allows a high sharpness in the focus area when the aperture is open, chromatic aberration is reduced to a minimum and is therefore hardly perceptible.

Combined with the extraordinary light intensity, the Nocturnus 50mm F0.95 offers the ideal tool in low light conditions or for available-light photography. Both the continuously variable iris ring and the manual focus control function almost silently, which makes the lens also very interesting for video applications. It’s 9-blade aperture ring ensures balanced bokeh.


    • Extraordinary lighting
    • Ideal for low-key and available-light recordings
    • High contrast range
    • Minimal chromatic aberration
    • Balanced bokeh
    • Almost noiseless aperture or focus adjustment
    • Also ideal for video applications
    • Precise and high-quality processing
    • Optimized for small format sensors

Made in Germany

All Meyer Gorlitz lenses are manufactured in Germany – some models are even 100% handmade in Germany. Lenses are manufactured in Germany from the best components available worldwide and are fine-tuned with great care. They then undergo a strict test procedure with tight tolerances. A step that makes every single Meyer-Optik Gorlitz lens special.

5-Year Guarantee

Each lens is made to Meyer-Optik-Gorlitz standards with an individual inspection certificate and a 5-year guarantee

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