Metabones T Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF

Metabones recently updated their Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Smart Adapter IV to Metabones T Smart Adapter IV ($399) with improved anti-reflective internal coatings. According to Metabones’ website, “Enhancement on new MARK IV (MB_EF-E-BT4) vs. old MARK IV (MB_EF-E-BM4): The inner hole is painted with flocking material coating. This can further reduce the internal reflection.”

Metabones Smart Adapter IV and Metabones T Smart Adapter IV

I tested both my original Metabones Smart Adapter IV and the new Metabones T Smart Adapter IV, both running fw 0.41. (Both versions have a USB port for firmware updates.) My tests verified this to be the extent of the improvement. The anti-reflective interior coatings are indeed “blacker” – but the AF performance was identical will EVERY lens I tested.

Metabones Smart Adapter IV and Metabones T Smart Adapter IV

The Bottom Line

If you’re happy with the anti-reflective capabilities of your current Smart Adapter IV – there is absolutely no AF performance gain by upgrading to the new “T” version. But if you’re buying new, make sure you get the new “T” version.


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15 thoughts on “Metabones T Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF”

  1. The NON-“T” version doesn’t work on my A7rii. Can you explain why? I believe you state that it does.

    1. I’m using and testing with the NON-“T” version. It’s identical to the “T” expect for interior flocking and performs exactly the same. Make certain it clicks into place when you mount it.

  2. Thank your for your speedy reply Brian, I don’t deny that you’ve tested it. The issue is that I have the NON-“T” version of the MkIV with the 0.47 firmware as well as the Viltrox. I’ve been trying to get something to work with my Sigma 18-35 1.8 DC lens since you’ve stated this lens should work fine with either adapter.

    Funny thing is the ONLY adapter that works is the “T” version so far. Sadly, I bought the NON-“T” version because it was cheaper, so currently I have two adapters that just don’t work. So unfortunate.

    1. You’re not paying attention. I use the Non-T version to test and all of these results are based on that.

      The adapters operate IDENTICALLY. The only difference in the improved anti-reflective coating.

      You either have a defective adapter or either your camera or adapter firmware is not up to date. Which camera are you using???

  3. I understand Brian, I have the A7rii firmware V3.00, Metabones MkIV firmware 0.47 and Sigma 18-35 i.8 firmware 1.01. Basically I’ve got to assume I received a defective one or one of the firmware versions isn’t talking to the others correctly. I’ve contacted the store and let them know I’m returning it. Thank you for all your help!

  4. Owner of Sony A7ii and not sure what is better:
    1. Sony 24-70/2.8 A Mount + Adapter LA EA4
    2. Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 + Metabones Mark IV for Canon.
    Have you got any recommendation for me? Sony 22-70/2.8 E-Mount is too expensive. Thanx.

        1. Absolutely! Video AF is worthless to mm-existent with adapted Canon lenses.

          Sony LA-E4 offers Video AF using the AF module from Sony a65 cameras. For stills with that lens I’d recommend using LA-EA3 for a7II and a7RII to take advantage of the camera’s focus system but it won’t provide video AF.

          Whatever you do. Avoid the 1st generation Canon 24-70 2.8! It’s a total POS!

          1. Thank you very much.
            Yesrerday I read some articles on the adapters. Now I am thinkig over what to do.

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