MacOS 14 Sonoma Warning for Sony Cameras

Published: June 5, 2023


Apple’s next version of the Macintosh operating system macOS 14 Sonoma will be released later this year. Please do NOT update to macOS 14 Sonoma until you’re ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE all your existing software is compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma.

Sony camera owners should be particularly wary of updating since Sony firmware updates installed via computer released prior to a macOS version update are generally not compatible with the next macOS.

Sony camera owners should NOT update to macOS 14 Sonoma until all Sony camera & lens firmware is updated. Please make certain the firmware on every Sony camera & lens you own is updated BEFORE even considering macOS 14 Sonoma update.

If you use Imaging Edge or Capture One, do NOT update until macOS 14 Sonoma compatible updates are available.

• Computer-installed Sony firmware updates released prior to macOS 14 will NOT be compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma.
• The latest cameras which update firmware via SD-card (including a7 IV, a7R V, FX30) will likely be un-affected.
• Imaging Edge Remote & Capture One Pro tethering will NOT be compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma upon release

Mac users make certain you’ve turned off Automatic macOS Updates in System Settings > Software Update
Click the (i) beside Automatic Updates – App & Security Updates Only
Make certain ‘Install macOS updates’ is NOT checked.


DISCLOSURES: I am an Apple stockholder and Apple user since 1985. I am also a Sony Artisan brand ambassador and Sony camera user since 2008 and I have no ax to grind with either company. I post this warning to help Sony users avoid incompatibility issues.

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7 thoughts on “MacOS 14 Sonoma Warning for Sony Cameras”

  1. Hey Brian

    Why is this not a surprise?

    Apple have consistently dumped on their customers since I began in graphics arts in the early nineties

    SCSI Drives, Hard drive formats, RISC Architecture, System X, phones that you can’t hold and make a call at the same time. Photo Storage and Email changes that all enforced scrapping and starting again. It’s been a litany of products and services that stop at every OS upgrade.

    And coming soon to an Apple computer near you…

    Other systems also have similar issues from time to time, Windows 11 being one of them, but not at this frequency…

    Isn’t it time for the child from the Apple customer base to step forward and point out that “The Emperor has no clothes!”

    I’ve always found the silence to be both perplexing ans slightly disconcerting given the original advertising campaign for the MAC

    On balance… Looking back since that ad, how do we think Apple have done when it comes to how they treat their clients, specifically in comparison to their competitors?

    Just a thought

    Kind regards


    1. Yes. As an Apple user since 1985, it’s no surprise. It’s their DNA. I issue this warning when every MacOS update is announced hoping people will wait until its compatible. Yet every single time, 90% of the comments come fromn people who jumped to update on day one and ar search for what went wrong…I can only hope those folks read this before the damage is done.

  2. Hello, do you now if it is compatible now that the update is public?
    I am wondering if i should update but I do use imaging edge and tether my camera

    1. Before you consider updating. Make certain that every camera and lens you own are updated to the latest firmware. That’s the number one incompatibility issue people run into. Newer camera firmware updates via memory card are unaffected, however all lens firmware updates and older camera updates via computer generally will not work on new OS released after the firmware update was released.

  3. REALLY wish I had read this before my MBP upgraded to Sonoma automatically. I had a big hybird conference and wanted to use my FX3 camera with Zoom as a webcam via Imaging Edge, which worked great in the past. Of course that didn’t work with Sonoma.

    Downgrading MacOS was too complicated for me so I ended up hiring a Blackmagic ATEM instead to use as a video interface. It worked fine but it was an expensive mistake.

    Has anyone heard from Sony as to when they might support Sonoma?

    1. Sadly this happens every time. I post these warnings as soon as a new MacOS is announced but people rarely do a search before they jump to the next OS and find there’s an issue. At least you know for next time…

  4. I struggled with using Sony IED software butsome info extraction from other forums this appears to work for me using the A6400 body

    1. Download the latest Sony Imaging Edge Desktop and install. Download and install Remote App
    2. Download P2PWebcam plugin @ and install
    3. Using P2PWebcam plugin, confirm the camera is accessible.
    4. Uninstall the P2PWebcam plugin,

    Launch Sony Remote App and re-try the USB connection.

    Hopefully your mileage and experience will be same.

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