Mac OS Catalina Warning!!!

Mac OS Catalina Warning!!!

Please don’t update to Mac OS Catalina (10.15) until you’re ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE all your existing software is compatible! 32 bit apps, such as Office 2011, will no longer be compatible beginning with Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

Sony users should be particularly wary of updating since Sony firmware updates released prior to Mac OS version updates are generally no longer compatible with the next Mac OS. Sony users please be certain the firmware on every Sony camera you own is updated BEFORE even considering Mac Catalina update.

Unsupported Software Includes:

• Imaging Edge Remote tethering is currently NOT supported by Mac OS Catalina
• Capture One tethering is currently NOT supported by Mac OS Catalina
• Sony firmware updates released prior to Catalina are NOT supported by Mac OS Catalina
• Photo Mechanic 5 is NOT supported by Mac OS Catalina – but Photo Mechanic 6 is
• Office 2011 (and earlier) will permanently lose support. Mac OS Catalina requires Office 365 subscription

[UPDATE (10/31/19): Capture One Pro 12.1.4 adds Catalina support]
[UPDATE (11/27/19): Imaging Edge 2.0.02 adds Catalina support]
[UPDATE (12/12/19): Mac OS 10.15.2 Catalina is NOT compatible with Capture One Pro tethering]
[UPDATE (1/6/20): Capture One Pro 20.0.1 Adds Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2 Tethering Fix]

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94 thoughts on “Mac OS Catalina Warning!!!”

    1. Capture One is currently NOT supported by Mac OS Catalina (10.15)

      32 bit apps will never run on Mac OS Catalina (or later)

  1. All 32 bits apps will are not compatible with Catalina that is only 64 bits now.
    You can find those in the system report of you computer under the Apple menu item About this computer/ or you can download the app Go64 to get a detailed list of your 32 bits apps installed.

    1. Only way I have heard about running 32 bits so far in Catatlina is to instal Parallels or similar and run a version of an older macOS in there. Not a cheap solution but works as far as I know.

  2. I do wonder how one would know that Capture One was incompatible with MacOS Catalina. I upgraded to Catalina and Capture One opens and loads with no errors or issues. Seems fine to me. Might the incompatibility rear its head when I try to *do* some editing in Capture One?

    1. That’s what I understand according to digital tech Brad Kaye of Capture Integration. Let me know how it goes for you.

      1. Update – I was able to edit and export an image from an existing catalog using Capture One Pro (vers. 12.1.3 ) and macOS Catalina. I haven’t tried to import new images so I can say if that works or not.

  3. Well since my MacPro Mid 2012 is still running on Sierra I’ll just sit and wait lol. She needs a new graphics card anyway since she’s still running with the original one.

    1. As I mention in the post, I strongly recommend updating firmware on every Sony camera you own BEFORE even considering this Mac Catalina update.

      1. Hopefully Sony update their firmware installation and not add another app to make it work like they did before before on macOS since a few years ago.

  4. Hi,
    I have installed Catalina (yes, before reading this thread), and just to let you know that my Capture One 11 Pro Sony crashes every time after a few minutes of use. 🙁

        1. That date is incorrect on the Sony website. Imaging Edge 2.0.01 was released October 7th.
          Here is update log since August:

          Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit) 2.0.01 has been released.
          Fixed some issues.

          Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit) 2.0.00 has been released.
          Improved the image quality of RAW development.
          Support for RAW data of ILCE-7RM4.*
          Improved the performance of RAW development and remote shooting.
          Support for remote shooting with Wi-Fi connections.
          * When using RAW data of ILCE-7RM4, please make sure to update to the new versions.

    1. Yes that is the current version. Apple Security updates in Catalina block Imaging Edge Remote & Capture One tethering. Apple does not release Security update information to develpers prior to OS release and once it’s released code must be rewritten. This will happen again with OS 10.16

  5. Hi all, just tried to run image edge remote , and it crushed with Catalina. Any advice would be nice.. Also the firmware update for my A7iii was unsuccessful on Catalina. Finally tried that with another mac with Mojave and success!

      1. One would have thought that Sony by now would have learned that Apple comes with a major update for its macOS/iOS every year around this time and they would cooperate with Apple and be prepared to get out new version of their softwares/firmares, especially now when they claim to be professional, but no, they seems to be caught in the act every year, how un-professional isn’t that?

        1. I wonder about how open Apple is in informing companies like Adobe, Sony, Microsoft, and others about new coding in their IOS? Seems like these companies are always scrambling around at the last minute to made updates that are compatible. With Catalina we also lost, on a couple computers, the used of 4D which is a very high-end interrelated data base we use for accounting, customer info, and inventory.

          1. Everyone has known about this coming for 2 years now. Catalina was available in beta for 6 months prior to general availability. 64-bit only OS was supposed to happen with High Sierra but it got pushed. That’s why we were always getting those annoying popups every time we’d try running a 32-bit app. This is completely on Sony, not Apple.

          2. Capture One and Imaging Edge Remote tethering are both 64-bit, but OS 10.15 breaks compatibility.
            This happens with every Mac OS version update.
            It will happen again with 10.16 and 10.17 and 10.18 and…
            If you choose to update your Mac OS before it’s compatible with your apps, this is what happens.

          3. Um, 16 bit apps were back in the MS-DOS days (mid-80s). You might be confusing 16 bit images with CPU architecture? This has nothing to do with Apple breaking compatibility. They moved to a 64-bit OS to take advantage of their 64-bit CPUs which is a great thing. They’ve told the software community this is coming for over 2 years. Shame on any company that wasn’t ready for this. As for myself, all my cameras are up-to-date on firmware and I can still run Sony’s updater in a VM on my machine that’s running Mojave.

        2. Ideally people would run firmware updates when they are released, but if not, PLEASE do so BEFORE rushing into the latest Mac OS!

          1. Agree with drufe.

            It’s not last minute news about this, and when most of MAS can keep up, but not major companies like Sony etc, that’s jut plain laziness.

        3. This happens with every Mac version update and while I do my best to warn people not to update their Mac OS, it seems people don’t check for warnings before updating only after updating when they realize there’s a problem.

          This will happen again with OS 10.16 and OS 10.17 and OS 10.18 and…

  6. Yep, just upgraded to Catalina and now our Sony XD Cam viewer does not work and doubt Sony will have an upgrade. This software was always nice when shooting in the field with a Sony EX1-R to check footage. Ummm now???

  7. We have been so busy with production that I really was not reading much about Apple releasing Catalina. Luckily I only did it on my personal laptop. I saw an update notification and was thinking it was just some fixes for Mohave. When I got to the final install I realized that this was a new OS and hit ok. I had NO IDEA till it was too late. And now after one week of work I really cant go backwards. I ran to the office and studio and told the staff DO NOT UPGRADE! This Sony issue is small compared to how this could have affected our whole company.

  8. Let me share something interesting… Imaging Edge with Sony A7RIV on my Macbook pro running on Catalina is not working.. After connecting the camera it crashes.. and Viewer too.. But on my iMac with Catalina both applications are running smoothly… When will sony release an update?

  9. Hi,
    it’s my problem too.
    I still wonder:
    Sony Remote works with iMAC 5K 2014, testet USB & Network and Capture ONE 12 via USB works also without Problems.

    MacBook Pro 2019: Sony Remote – App crashed!
    Capture ONE 12 Remote via USB ok!

    Hope there comes an update soon. Else a downgrade to Mojave is an option for my Notebook. But I like work with Sidecar 🙁

    1. I don’t believe Apple allows you to downgrade to a previous OS. For that reason, be absolutely certain there are zero issues with upgrading

      1. Hi
        If you have made a backup with Time Machine (as recommended) you can downgrade clean and easy.

    2. My workarround for MBP:
      Installed a WIN10 System as VM and all works fine.
      So I can wait for updates — or change back to MS?
      Not so bad, it‘s not impossible.
      Hope Apple comes back to previous qualify!

  10. I have the same problem. FCP 10.4.7 on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) won’t recognize my Sony camera. Here’s my workaround.

    1. Create new FCP library on my old 2011 Macbook Pro. FCP 10.4.6 on Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra).
    2. Import files from the camera.
    2b. be patient…..
    3. copy the library file to a portable drive.
    4. copy the library file from the portable drive to the iMac (Catalina)
    5. Open in FCP and let it update the library.
    6. Proceed normally.

    I sure hope Apple fixes this one soon.

  11. Jürgen Strathmann

    Remote crash also by starting with Sierra using A7RIV, A7RII and A6000.
    This Software is working only for her own pleasure.
    Im Realy frustetet with Sony Software an Mac.
    My professional working Friends remember times with Nikon or Canon.
    Capture is not the Professional Programm it has to be.
    The Capture tethering program has no Live view with the A7RIV like with the A9.
    The professional use is zero.
    Thank you Brian for your Warnings

    1. Blame Apple. Apple does NOT inform developers of security updates prior the OS release.

      Security updates does not affect all programs but they break connectivity with any firmware updates and tethering program This affects both Imaging Edge Remote and Capture One. Both Sony and Capture One must figure out how to rewrite their code following release.

      This will happen again with 10.16 and 10.17 and 10.18. I hope the people who failed to heed this warning will learn to WAIT tho upgrade the next time…

  12. Hi, Thanks for the info Brian I always seem to find the info I need when it comes to Sony on your page. I am currently installing a dual boot on my MacBook Pro as a work around. Anybody is interested just look “How to install Windows 10 on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant” When Sony releases the 64 bit for Mac I will just remove the Microsoft from the MacBook to recover hard drive space. It will be a 100.00 for Microsoft license but I am ok with that.

  13. Does any one know of an alternative for the Sony Remote application. Looking for another way for to shoot tethered since currently Sony’s applications aren’t working with the latest Mac update. Let me know if there’s any solution to this, otherwise I’m highly considering downgrading.

    1. Capture One Pro for Sony is the other tethering option but it is also not compatible with OS 10.15.

      Apple does NOT inform developers of new security protocols prior to OS updates. Sony and Capture One are both trying to reverse engineer compatibility for Catalina.


      This WILL happen again with the next MAC OS update to 10.16 and 10.17 and 10.18 and…

      Don’t be in such a rush to update you Mac OS until you are 100% certain it’s fully compatible with ALL the apps you use.

    2. Update : after trying to find any efficient alternative for tethering , I ended up just downgrading back to Mojave.

  14. I too am frustrated at this issue. Last week I bought a A7M3 for the sole purpose of tethering with Imaging Edge Remote. Imagine my disappointment when I tried to fire it up for the time it crashed 🙁

    Does anyone have the email address of this guy (or have LinkedIn Pro):

    He appears to be a program manager that looks after the development of Imaging Edge applications (incl. macOS). Being able to ask him the question directly would yield a better result than Sony’s generic 1st-line support.

    1. This happens with every Apple OS update. Apple does not share the security updates that render tethering useless. Software manufacturers have to reverse engineer support. I warn people not to upgrade Mac OS so quickly. If you have a Time Machine backup prior to OS 10.15 you can roll back to 10.14

      1. I was given the impression that with the new Capture One update it was ok to update to Catalina. Is there other problems. Thank you for the reply Brian!

  15. I run Catalina on my MacBook Pro Mid 2014.
    Last week I did a whole thethered shoot using “Remote” and Lightroom with no issue at all.

    Ysterday I wanted to do another one (same setup, except…). with Remote crashing all the time.

    This time I used an external monitor. When I started Remote BEFORE plugging in the external monitor (thunderbolt) it worked. I could plugin the monitor once Remote was running. Worked well like this.
    Also Do remember to quit Google Drive and Dropbox before running Remote.

    Maybe this helps.

  16. Hey Brian, Any update on Sony tethering with Capture One and Catalina? Has this issue been resolved/safe to update? Thanks!

  17. Hi Brian, do you know if Imaging edge 2.0.02 (recently released) resolves issue? I’ve downgraded to Mojave and don’t want to replicate experience… 🙂

  18. Hello,
    I try the last version ‘2.0.02’ on my MacBook Pro (10.15.1), it works properly, finally…. 😉

    1. Yea. Not sure what the heck is going on with Apple. They seem totally unconcerned about third party software.

  19. Just got a new MacBook Pro last week, Catalina OS 10.15.1 and just tried to tether my Nikon D850 using Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2-v2.29.1 – and as soon as I connect the usb cable, the software freezes. If I disconnect the cable, thee software “Unexpectantly Quits”
    Well, crap. At the moment I’m slow, but soon it will be a real problem….

    Anyone know who we should write to? Everyone should send letters in Avery few days to Apple and Nikon. I will…

    1. I found a possible work around today. At least it works fine with Nikon Camera control Pro 2. I’m pretty sure it will work with Capture One & Lightroom as well.

      My 2011-17” MacBook Pro died a couple weeks ago. Time for an upgrade. Got the new MacBook Pro 16”. With Catalina – no choice.

      Wanted to run some older software for business, needed no higher than Sierra- OS 10.12.6. Bought Parallels Desktop to install legacy OS.
      Unfortunately had trouble running the installers, got hung up about 2% from done. It may be a hardware issue because the people at Parallels tech support did tests on their machines running Catalina and they were able to install OS 10.12.6 fine. My guess they’re running Catalina on the last 2019 – 15” MBP.

      BUT- while waiting for the new laptop to arrive, we did a test with the trial version of Parallels v15, and created a working Sierra VM then today we just copied that file-22gb- to the new 16” and Parallels opened that file immediately no problem

      1 problem down. Then copied in Filemaker and the files they work. Cool now I’ve got my invoices and equipment and software databases. And yesterday my copy of MS Office 2011 to.

      Then- Nikon Camera Control and NikonView. Will they work????

      YES! They work, my D850 connects and opens in NV, AND… I was able to choose the destination on my host drive- outside of the Virtual Machine, or onto an external drive if I want

      I even shot rapid fire at least 20 frames and all loaded quickly , no crashes I am really pleased…

      Now I’ve not had a chance to really work in Catalina with Photoshop & Lightroom for anything real, just enough to see that it basically works. I suppose if it really has issues I could put them in the VM too, but hope not to. More Testing to follow

      if you do install Virtual Machine this way, don’t forget to install the Parallels Toolbox into the new VM which will allow you to get full screen resolution. If you don’t you’ll only have 1024×769 for the VM window

      Hope this helps all of you

  20. hello, any issues with updating the a7riv firmware using Catalina 10.15.1. I can’t seem to get by the security and privacy setting even after allowing the Sony update installer full disk access. I am getting an error message in Japanese about Privacy and Security. Does anyone else have this issue?


    1. On your Mac: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > (Click Lock to Make Changes)
      Allow apps downloaded from: App store and identified developers (Click Lock to Save Changes)

  21. Hi Brian
    My SxS ram reader over thunderbolt doesn’t work on Catalina 10.15.2. I searched, problem is USB 2 over thunderbolt. In Catalina USB2 doesn’t work anymore. Also Sony doesn’t have XDcam transfer software compatible with Catalina.

  22. Hello all,

    After almost 3 months using Catalina and so many issues with Sony and with Capture One 11, I’m back to Mojave since last week. I believe I’ll be staying with this version for a while. Best regards and happy new year.

    1. Happy New Year to you, Filipe. As a Mac user since 1984, I generally stay with the previous OS until ALL the issues are sorted out. This is definitely not the first or last time this has happened, but Catalina has been particularly riddled with issues.

  23. I use an inexpensive Sony Cyber-shot to photograph products for Etsy. My old cyber-shot is no longer recognized by my recently updated system (Catalina 10.15.2). I don’t like using my iphone for product shots. Do you know if the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 is compatible with Catalina 10.15.2? I realize that a Cyber-shot is probably beneath your talents as a professional photographer :-)), but thought I would ask. Etsy is just a hobby, not a business, and I don’t want to spend a ton of money. Thanks!

      1. Thanks–I found a work-around last night. Before the recent upgrade, I could plug the USB into the mac, open Photo app, and then turn on the camera and the computer would recognize the device and then I could download the photos to Photo app where I could edit them. After the upgrade that didn’t work anymore.

        Last night I opened Image Capture first, then plugged the USB into the mac, turned on the camera, tapped the camera menu button, clicked on memory stick. At that point the Image Capture grabbed the photos from the memory stick and I could then download them to Photo app. So, it’s an extra couple of steps, but at least it works for now. I could probably use a new camera, but at least now I can put off buying one until the Etsy sales pay for it! Thanks again.

        1. Ignore my previous suggestion of a SD card reader – you’d actually need a memory stick reader. Might save you a step if that’s worth it.

  24. Just upgraded to Catalina. Previews for Sony A7RIV raw files in Finder are no longer shown. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to fix it?

  25. Is there any ETA or intention to upgrade the Imaging Edge Remote desktop app to support Catilina for my MBP? Or do I just need to look at another option entirely?

    I have a 6400 and wanted to adapt and use it for my livestream camera and wanted to make it simple as possible. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated

      1. “Beyond the current version doesn’t tell anything”

        Well, there are an upgrade that came in the last weeks.

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