JUST ANNOUNCED! Profoto B2 TTL 250 w/s Flash Kits


Profoto just announced their new compact 250 watt/second Profoto B2 TTL Flash Kit – perfect in size and weight for editorial, wedding and portrait photographers. Like it’s big brother the Profoto B1, the Profoto B2 TTL flash uses all existing Profoto modifiers – plus adds a few new modifiers perfect in size for it’s compact size. Pricing is of course as we’ve come to expect from Profoto.

Intended for the use on location and on the road, the B2 250 AirTTL Power Pack measures 6.3 x 3.1 x 6.7″ and weighs in at just 2.2 lb with its Li-Ion battery. The B2’s twin outlets each have a dedicated thumbwheel that allows the pack’s 250Ws of power to be distributed asymmetrically over a 9-stop range in full or 1/10 steps.

The digital LED screen that displays the power settings is also the key to the pack’s many capabilities. The B2 boasts recycling times from 0.03 – 1.35 sec., and an action-stopping flash duration of 1/1,000 sec. There is also a Freeze Mode that selects a flash duration of 1/15,000 sec. at lower power settings – fast enough to “freeze” water droplets, spray and splashes. Bursts of up to 20 frames per second are possible while High Speed Sync allows shutter sync speeds from 1/4,000 – 1/8,000 sec., giving you wide ambient light control options. The pack’s Li-Ion battery can be charged in or out of the pack and will give you up to 215 full-power flashes on a 45-60 minute charge from a multi-voltage 2.8A battery charger or a trickle charge from an optional car charger.

At 1.5 lb, the sturdily built B2 Off-Camera Flash Head measures 4″ long, has a 3.9″ diameter and fits in the palm of your hand. A barely-visible umbrella channel runs through the top of the head, while its tethered 6.5′ head cable can be lengthened with a 9.8′ extension for large groups or for hanging in hard to reach places. An included stand or pole-mount with a ratcheting handle can be removed for mounting to a flash bracket. The B2’s flash tube and 50W halogen-equivalent LED modeling lamp are protected by a frosted glass plate, while its 3.9″ diameter housing accepts a line of optional accessories that includes OCF-tailored softboxes, barndoors, a snoot, and a grid set. They can also be used on the B1 battery-powered monolight.

Profoto B2 250 Air TTL To-Go Kit Profoto B2 250 Air TTL To-Go Kit – $2,199.95 IN STOCK at B&H
Kit includes: B2 head, B2 250 AirTTL Power Pack, Charger, B2 Carrying Bag, B2 Location Bag, Li-Ion Battery

Profoto B2 250 AirTTL Location Kit – $2,995 (Pre-Order at B&H)
Kit includes: (2) B2 heads, B2 250 AirTTL Power Pack, (2) Li-Ion Battery, Charger 2.8A, Car Charger 1.8A,
B2 Carrying Bag, B2 Location Bag

Profoto B2 Head – $695 (Pre-Order at B&H)
Compatible with all Profoto modifiers and accessories

Profoto B2 250 AirTTL w/o Battery – $1,495 (Pre-Order at B&H)

Profoto Li-Ion Battery for B2 – $229 (Pre-Order at B&H)

Profoto B2 AirTTL Extension Cable – $199 (Pre-Order at B&H)
Allows you to position the B2 flash head another three meters away from the pack without compromising performance.

Profoto B2 Carrying Bag

Profoto B2 Carrying Bag – $99 (Pre-Order at B&H)

B2 Location Bag

B2 Location Bag – $199 (Pre-Order at B&H)


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10 thoughts on “JUST ANNOUNCED! Profoto B2 TTL 250 w/s Flash Kits”

  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the great overview of the new B2. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in Adelaide Australia. I’ve recently move from Canon to the Sony A7 series of camera in particular the A7s and the A7R. Given your experience with these Sony cameras how well do they work with the B2 lighting system? Any comments would be appreciated.


    1. Profoto has not yet released a TTL remote for Sony yet it will work well in Manual mode. Sony product planners have given it their blessing so the ball is in Profoto’s court.

  2. Still nothing regarding this issue from profoto? Have heard someone using other triggers (pixel kings?), have you tried them?
    Hopefully there will come a sony airttl trigger from profoto pretty soon.

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